Social Media Underdog to Monthly-Million-Unique Visitors

Social Media Underdog to Monthly-Million-Unique VisitorsThree years may not be seen very long, in the world of business but when it comes to social media, three years is a fast journey into the most innovative flow of communication, connection and interaction that the world has even known. Entrepreneurship in Social Media is like going to Vegas for the first time and playing poker with big fish.

The greatness about social media is that, although it gives a platform to the big fish, it also gives a platform to everyone without distinction (well… besides the “Certified Sign” only given when you are… well… “special”). Being special may not be offered to everyone on Twitter, but it is surely given to everyone in Life.

To dare going after it and becoming one with it, is the journey to uniqueness to which the leading path is through the most humbling and ordinary voyage of all: a journey as an underdog into a world of wilderness.

{Essential Stakes of Social Media Game}

  1. Be yourself: While the game is calling for bigger and more, remember to always remain true to yourself and hold onto your vision. To compromise yourself is to lose your uniqueness and drift into ordinariness where no one will ever be able to notice you, not even yourself. Who am I?
  2. Remain Humble: Humility is a prime virtue in social media. Connection happens through open doors. Humility invites service and service calls for collaboration and cooperation. Build your like-minded community with people with character. Am I always sharing through humility?
  3. Share your truth: Knowing your Truth is a beautiful thing. Sharing it is extraordinary. Self-expression is always remarkable because it is a channel for genius and an outlet for creativity. How do I best share my Truth?
  4. Connect to connect: Although Social Media provides an easy access to a greater number, remember not to fall into the greed of it. Connections matter when they are meaningful and not always purposeful. What kind of connection do I seek?
  5. Build relationships: When your time is limited, invest it in building relationship that matters. They may be few but they must be strong. With who do I connect meaningfully?
  6. Bridge a gap: When your presence and vision can fill a gap or bridge two spaces, you voice become empower with a message that is priceless. What can your uniqueness provide to another?
  7. Innovate with genius: Your Genius is what you know best and love doing. Innovate from this place and let the world see through your very eyes. How do I see the world?
  8. Care genuinely: Caring is genius is action. When it is done with a genuine intent, it becomes healing for the self and the world. How do I care the most effectively?
  9. Interact truthfully: The magic of Social Media is interaction. Interacting is an amazing act of Faith. It invites your being to interact with another, most of the times, unknown. The more true your presence and sharing are, the deeper your influence grows.

{Attracting Luck – Holding the best hand}

Many who believe in Social Media do not always believe in destiny. Yet, like any universal designs, it  was created with the same magnetic capacity for likeness to attract likeness. Therefore, all social media platforms are tools for “destiny” to play dice and connect those who belong with each others.

  1. Become a magnet: Own your truth and keep sharing it un-compromisingly and independently from the growing numbers of followers. This builds influence.
  2. Define your strength: Be clear with your social media strategy. Define your strength while riding the wave. The shore is never far and without a great technic to surf, you may end up face first on the beach. This builds coherence.
  3. Expand your world: Keep finding ways to grow your reach with intelligence and cleverness. Growing for growing is purposeless. Grow with a purpose. This builds your momentum.
  4. Go back to your roots: Always remember where you come from and what made you at the first place. Strong roots grows strong branches. This builds your network.
  5. Explore your uniqueness: You hold the cards to your success yet only by dealing with them can you play well. Learn your strength and your weakness. Explore your genius and sense of uniqueness. no one has ever been you and no one will ever be. This builds your niche.
  6. Listen carefully: Where there is space for listening, there is endless space for growth. Listen to your stream, observe the trends, follow the flow and be silent when others need to be heard. This builds character.
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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