Practise Values We Learned When We Were Kids

Practise Values We Learned When We Were KidsStart your day early. Wake up early. Eat your breakfast. You can do a lot of things because you have the time to do so. If you give yourself the time, you give yourself the opportunity to do the things you can do. You can seize the day. Time is your asset. Use it wisely. Use it to do good things. You can make it yours and you can live it up to be productive not just for yourself but for others as well.

Spend time with good friends

Stay in the company of good people. Be with people who really care for your well-being. This people have the power to influence you positively. They will even contribute to your success because they will tell you what is good for you. They will provide you with good advice when you need it. They will even give you their best.

Good people will not put you down. They will be honest enough to tell you what they think and not just what you want to hear. You need this kind of criticism to help you become better because you need to know the truth about yourself. Good friends remain good friends through the years.

Be considerate of other people

Don’t let other people worry for you. Do not let people get hurt because you don’t care. Apologize if you cross their feelings. Be careful with your words. Tell them the truth if you have to without insulting them. True words may hurt, but they don’t have to be degrading. There is a right place for the right things.

Help other people, but do not offer more than what you can really give. Intentions may hurt more when words and actions don’t meet. Do what you can and that matters more than assuming what you cannot perform. Support people when they feel down. Give encouraging words. Appreciate other people’s efforts. It is the most rewarding feeling.

Be humble

When you realize that you are wrong, accept and apologize. One of the steps to improve is to learn from your mistakes and let other people teach you. Humility is the character of every wise man. Ask for help when you need it. Say please and say thank you. Listen to other people when they voice out their opinions. Do not tell them that they are wrong. You have your turn to voice out yours.

End your day with peace of mind

Make peace with yourself. Do good unto others. Be good to yourself. Love yourself. Respect other people. Earn their respect by working hard. Think before you decide. Choose what is good. Listen to good advice. Apply what you have learned. Do what makes you happy, and do it well. Believe in yourself. Love what and who makes you happy.

Live simply

Do not put yourself in a situation that you cannot live up to. Do not live in excess. Do not burden yourself with what you cannot afford. Live what you can sustain. Do not force yourself to live a lifestyle that your income cannot support. Know your limitations. Live simply. Want less, have enough and strive more.

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