Manifesto of Distinguished Leadership & Striking Influence

Manifesto of Distinguished Leadership & Striking InfluenceA human being is given a life not to build only but more so to remember. He is offered an experience into a lost memory of himself as the most amazing journey into the remembrance of his Truth. While his Life, counted in years passes, He is given the chance to reconnect with his ancestral legend through the constant discipline of revealing his Source.

Whether we call it courage, strength, Faith, guts or madness, there is within each of us an undeniable fire that, when sparked, can kindle an entire passion, fuel a dream or inspire an entire nation.

Leadership represents the space where we can get a glimpse of this passion and harness it into pure influence. The most remarkable aspects of leadership are often overlooked for many obvious and more matter of fact ones and yet, the ones listed below build the foundation of the long-lasting leadership.

1- Service to self & other

The distinguished leader is a servant of his/her soul and the Great Soul that inhabits the spirit of the world. There is a leadership that vibrates with management and there is one that vibrates with influence. This latest one has the potential to create a tremendous wave with the power to shift a momentum of thoughts and beliefs. The remarkable leader has remembered that service is a natural state of being that simultaneously creates a sense of instant belonging, connection, meaningfulness and purpose. No other vibrational space offers that powerful abundant combination.

2 – Vertical alignment/horizontal projection

A leader, worth the name, isn’t only someone with a futuristic vision of possibility but more so it is someone with a true recognition for the worth of the moment. Horizontal projection is the dreamer-side of us that sends the vision into the most ideal future we can imagine. Yet, the realistic-side of us must remain anchored in the now so that it enables the dreamer-side to always return where the experience is the most potent and most lived. Let your mind travel into new possibilities yet remember to always come home where they can become opportunities you experience

3 – Vision/Passion/Action

Leadership roots intertwined into a harmonious triune: Vision/Passion/Action. The 3 steps that give a dream a reality, move, like dancers on stage, revealing a pattern that reflects  the nature of the choreographer. Extraordinary leadership foresees the most potent possibility, lets passion turn it into the greatest opportunity and ensures that actions pave a path for it to be experienced. A vision without action is destined to remain a dream. One without passion is destined to fall short. While actions are essential, they must be rooted in a impossible vision to result into an extraordinary reality.

4 – Strong roots/strong branches

What is seen of leadership is the visible part of an unseen strength.  A remarkable leader has an extraordinary talent called: authenticity. This talent supports introspection, inner-growth, personal development and self-knowing-ness. It invites the greatest life within to become the brightest one, outward: Humility, Self-Respect, Compassion and Faith in the Goodness of Life. From these roots, s/he builds fearless-ness, responsibility, grace under pressure, listening skills, sense of focus and endless enthusiasm.

5 – 360 Thinking Lens

Leadership implies a capacity to perceive more than the average. Indeed, ultimate leadership is the ability to think with a 360 degrees lens of perception. This thinking practice allows the decision process to be as openminded as possible. The advantage of considering many possibilities lies in the potential to choose from a greatest sense of knowingness. It takes great learned skills, great innate strength and a great attitude towards Life in general.

Leadership is a talent. Although, it can be learned, it is mostly polished and revealed by discipline and determination. While this commitment requires a diligence to focus on a vision for success, it is mainly anchored in the Truth of the Self. The greater the ability to trust oneself, the greater the potential to lead with charisma, inner-strength and poise.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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