Freedom! All about the iOS 6 Jailbreak

Freedom! All about the iOS 6 JailbreakThe iOS 6 has been cracked!

This is perhaps one of the biggest news in the tech world today, considering the magnitude of Apple’s influence on consumers nowadays. The iOS 6 is the latest iteration of their mobile operating system, and it comes packed in their flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5. As expected from the Cupertino-based electronics giant, their iOS 6 proved to be a hard case to crack. The restrictive nature of Apple’s mobile gadgets is one of the drawbacks of owning one, but this was previously addressed by readily available over-the-air jailbreaks. But as evidenced by the iOS 6, it seems that Apple has been trying to prevent these “hacks” from altering the way they designed their gadgets. The outcome: it took months before a workable “solution” emerged.

Breaking the barrier

Alas, the formidable iOS 6 has fallen. Truly, the persistence of hackers trumps all, especially with a team of like-minded individuals successfully creating a jailbreak for the operating system. This means the iPhone 5, the latest iPad, and all the gadgets running iOS 6 can now be freed from Apple’s restrictions. Evad3rs, the group that came up with the Evasi0n jailbreak this time, released an untethered jailbreak last February 4. This was downloaded more than 500,000 times already, overwhelming Evasi0n’s servers several times just a few hours after it went live. Tips before jailbreaking, it is necessary to backup important photos/videos/music/contacts/message to PC via ​​ipho​​ne transfer tool like IOTransfer in case something bad happen while jailbreaking.

What do I get from this?

If you don’t own an iOS 6 device, well, there’s nothing in it for you. Now if you do or if you have an iPhone or iPad with an older OS like the iOS 5, then the possibilities are endless. Apple iPhone and iPad owners who were in the fence with upgrading to iOS 6 because of the lack of jailbreak options can now rejoice because they can continue with their unrestricted ways even with the latest OS.

Jailbreaking any gadget running on the iOS 6 (or other previous versions) will be able to bypass the restrictions set upon by Apple. They can now install paid and free apps without any hassle, even if it’s not from Apple’s actual App Store. Upon jailbreaking, a user can now download apps from an alternate source like Cydia. Users can also apply mods or modifications that Apple doesn’t really allow, such as UI functionality and experience.

All eyes on Apple

Even with the impressive sales figures generated by Apple’s latest gadgets, there were still a lot of people who are hesitant in getting an iDevice. Again, one of the biggest reasons was the lack of customization options, as well as the restrictions set by default. The news (even the early rumors) of an iOS 6 jailbreak turned a lot of heads towards Apple. Potential buyers don’t need to worry about using a “stock” iPhone and iPad.

The convenience of installing free and cheap applications is also a big draw, especially now that users rely on their tablets and smartphones for almost every aspect of their daily lives. With the right productivity apps, the iPhone could be the ultimate entertainment and business phone hybrid. The iPad will be the go-to gadget for people on the go. Setting the iOS 6 devices “free” from Apple’s bonds also frees the consumers from steep app prices and dumbed-down design and interface of these “smart” gadgets.

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