“Everyday Child”, Where Education Means Solution

Everyday Child, Where Education Means SolutionWhat happens when people with a vision for a better future move the present by making a real difference? They create a charitable platform destined to empower the world at the source: Education.


Founded in 2010, Everyday Child is a global education-based charity that follows a simple, yet powerful motto: learn, Earn, Return. The program aims to build outdoor Learning Centers in impoverished communities throughout the world. Their mission is to encourage leadership and foster skills and talents amongst individuals by engaging them in workshops.

Imagine providing someone the opportunity to learn something new, earn something out of it (whether it is monetary, tools, experience, etc.) and then empowering that same individual to return the knowledge and skills they acquired by teaching someone else. Well, this is the beauty and power behind the Everyday Child initiative – it fosters an everlasting cycle of education.

Everyday Child, Where Education Means Solution

At ModernLifeBlogs, our editorial team has always been a big believer in education and charity. We command the courage of those whose vision of a greater future empowers their steps to create it. To thank them, we regularly donate our time, space and money to show our care as well as our support.

We have been touched by the vision, moved by the mission and inspired by the courage. This is why, we have chosen to donate $25 and written this post to share the word and encourage you to do the same!

Donate your time, your skill, your talent and/or your money and like us, become part of an opportunity to make a difference in a world thirsty for Love.


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