Essential You : Guidance Designed for the Human Genius

Essential You : Guidance Designed for the Human GeniusThe sixties had the psychotherapy boom, the seventies had the New Age movement, the eighties had the Body/Mind Spirit trend, the Nineties had the personal development transition, the early 21st century saw the age of Life coaching and we are now entering into the dimension of New Consciousness Guidance.

New Consciousness Guidance is a “label” that holds the energy of Wholeness in unity and uniqueness in Genius. It is a process through which clarity is brought through honoring one’s genius while connecting it to the universal sense of Oneness.

Whether you are seeking for clarity about a particular situation or a comprehension about your truth, New Consciousness Guidance provides a unique series of tool designed to enhance your individual understanding about your life.

New Consciousness Guidance empowers your life by allowing your mind to safely open and create an ultimate transformative experience of awakening.

When intuitive skills and intellectual knowledge meet, they birth genius and grow strength, confidence, and charisma.

In an hour and half session, in person or remotely (Skype or Phone),  you will be taken on a journey into yourself and you will be invited to reconsider your  perceptive reality from a greater point. From this point you will be given a brand new lens of perception that will not only expand your current reality but more so let you envision a brighter future at reach. You will immediately find news ways of resolution and innovative pathways to overcome your current or recurrent challenge. You will discover your true nature and learn ways to harness your talent.

Guidance Designed for the Human Genius - AlineHanle

Learn more about Aline at New Consciousness Guidance, discover the depth of her insights in her Sacred Sanctuary and get yourself a gift of clarity with her “Essential You” Session!

What are people say about Aline:

“Once you meet Aline, The Catalyst, your life will never be quite the same again. After our first session, I felt as if I was literally “buzzing” with energy. It was as if I had been sleepwalking my way through life and Aline helped me awaken to what was important to me, and to step-by-step shed what was holding me back. I instantly felt like an enhanced version of myself, and more at peace in my decisions.” Maria Carter

“Aline is a treasure: a prolific intuitive and astonishingly gifted channeler of positive truths who will help anyone to “remember” the reason for your gift of life and your true “purpose”, and to receive the healing power of gratitude expressed and unconditional love. If you have found this recommendation, it is not in any way an accident or mere coincidence. If you have difficult issues in your life — and all of us do — you should contact Aline at once and listen to what she has to say. Your life and the world will be enhanced surprisingly and immeasurably by this one small act of contacting her that I am suggesting to you here. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook if you have the opportunity.” Larry Greenfield

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