Chatwing Chat Widget as Your Web’s Reliable Interactive Platform

Chatwing Chat Widget as Your Web's Reliable Interactive PlatformToday, a website’s saleability does not only depend on the quality and quantity of its content. A website should be accessible to most users, visually appealing and interactive. If you are a website owner reading this and you are worried about your stuck web traffic, a simple yet effective chat widget might help you solve your problem.

People are drawn to interaction. We always want to be heard, to share our thoughts or to hear good stories. They will grab every opportunity to connect and interact. You as a website owner should use this to your advantage. The solution is easy- install Chatwing chat software to your site.

Chatwing chatbox has a simple mechanism that makes it user friendly. Web owners can install it in a few seconds. The chat tool can go live as soon as it is embedded. Web visitors can easily partake in any chat discussions without requiring them to register. Web users only need to log in using their existing accounts in Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. This ease of use will surely invite web visitors back to your website and chatroom.

You can also design Chatwing shoutbox based on your creative or professional preferences. Its wide array of customization option gives you room to come up with a chat tool that will seamlessly fit to your site’s existing theme. Modification can go as advanced as CSS customization, too.

Chatwing chat widget provides an efficient and stable communication leverage that allows thousands of users to chat simultaneously without compromising real time interaction. Users can also initiate private chats through Chatwing’s vanity URL form. So far this is the most flexible shoutbox style. It permits group chats through generating username and shortlinks.

1). Create Chat Custom URL Links

Create Chat Custom URL Links


Access your Chatwing by create your personal URL Chat Link

2). Background and Border Designs

Background and Border Designs



Simply select a background or border design image for your Chatwing or insert your own image

3). Customize Chatwing Size to fit any Web Page – Grab Chatwing HTML Code

Customize Chatwing Size to fit any Web Page - Grab Chatwing HTML Code


Customize Width and Height to your desired Size. Instantly take the HTML Chatwing code provide

4). Chatwing Design Features – Color – Text – Size – Fonts

 Chatwing Design Features - Color - Text - Size - Fonts


Instantly choose the exact style that fits your Chatwing

5). Create Amazing Unique Chatwings

Create Amazing Unique Chatwings


Chatwing Border and background designs give every Chatwing a personal look and Feel.

Engaging more web visitors won’t be one of your primary concerns once you embed Chatwing chatbox to your website. You can now focus on other issues such as marketing and promotions. More over, Chatwing chat box is equipped with word filters and a banning system that makes it easy for you to maintain a decent and professional blog while responding to web visitors concerns.

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    wow i like this chatbox , have lots of great feature..

  2. Seems nice, you may also check RumbleTalk and Cblix

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