7 Empowering Steps from Knowing to Knowing

7 Empowering Steps from Knowing to KnowingKnowledge has always inspired mankind to pursue a quest to discover its universe. Forever thirsty for understandings, humans keep opening heart and mind and falling in Love with their revelations. Knowledge, like life, is very challenging to define as it is more than a simple word. Indeed, it is a master-process through which consciousness finds a way from the knowingness of itself to its realization.

Each of us has wishes, dreams and hopes that are called “possibilities”. Those ones belong to the abstract realm. Although truly present as ethereal concepts, they remain stagnant in the subtle, awaiting for a physical reality in which they can dance. Life is the bridge between their ethereality and their physical form. While Life unfolds moving a dream from its idea concept to its physical reality, the human being becomes the vessel that enables the process to simply unfold.

Conscious living greatly empowers this process as it ensures that knowledge is optimum. Remember that knowledge, in this post is a sense of self-revelation where intelligence are processed from within more than intellectual data accumulated from outside sources. Here is the 7 empowering steps from knowing to knowing. This is a path that lets you envision a possibility of you, guiding you from its subtle idea to its full concrete realization.

1 – Know Theoretically

Everything begins with an idea, a vision, a dream, a sense of possibility. It sparks your senses in a way that accelerates your heartbeat, raptures your mind and melt your soul. It is a cosmic download of your truth that is waiting in line for your decision process and focus choices to be anchored in meaning and purpose. It is the most subtle form of life. it requires a great connection to All That Is to sense this Truth.  Be Connected.

2 – Embody Uniquely

Once the possibility (idea) is known, it must be pulled into a single experience (one human experience). This step calls for strong self-respect, self-trust and self-Love. It is the phase that challenges the mind in knowing the true values of singularity, uniqueness and difference. Due to the very nature of the human being, each experience becomes the most individual and unique channel for Life to experience one idea. Be You.

3 – Express Uncompromisingly

When one has accepted the mission of carrying an idea into the world, he or she must become It. Self-expression is the channel. Whatever is expressed through one individual experience becomes the very definition of the idea. Realize now the significance of awareness. Each and every one of our very choice and decision becomes a voice for the original concept. The power of choice must be brought into the light as one of the major aspects of evolution. Be Aware.

4 – Experience Fully

This phase is the anchoring of the idea into this reality. it is the process of repetition that brings a greater density to the source-idea. While repetitions matter, diversity does too. When I mention diversity, I mean widening the experience to all dimensions of our life. We must create not only one root to anchor this idea into this physical reality but as many as possible. “We must become the change we wish to see in the world” Gandhi said. We must breathe, eat, speak, walk, dance, share, do what we envision in our deepest dreams to give it a life. Be Dedicated.

5 – Feel Freely

To expand and deepen knowledge is to freely experience it. Experience, although partly done, is more so felt. The Universe is a electro-magnetic field that receives and sends vibrations. Although words and actions seems to be what shape reality, feelings and emotions are the true architects. To let our emotions be freely expressed is to become a master-co-creator of physical reality. It is the process through which information are exchange between subtle frequencies and density. Feelings are the gate into our consciousness and our minds must remain only walkers. They must never wish to become their guardians. Be Free.

6 – Observe Consciously

When the idea is being experienced, it requires observation. The mind must become an interested and unbiased witness letting the experience be the guide into definition. What does the experience unleash? What are the aspects of the self revealed through the experience? This stage is the silent observer stage as well as the humble questioner one. Inquiring into consciousness through the conscious mind looking at itself in density through all feelings, emotions and thoughts. Be Open.

7 – Define Concretely

We are now entering self-definition. It seals the process into density. This is part of the Truth being exposed in physical matter with concrete steps such as: “I AM” statements, spoken words and left legacies. Each moment of self-definition that implicates an “I AM……….. ” is a anchor into the Earth that creates a channel for energy-consciousness to come through and keep existing. Realize there, the importance of such a declaration! What we choose to claim as our truth becomes a knot that weaves the universal thread and directs our destiny. Be Meaningful and Purposeful.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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