5 Ways to Keep Valentine’s Day Alive

5 Ways to Keep Valentine's Day AliveSo here we are… The world had its one time Love celebration and we’ll have to wait for 364 days before we show our beloved and loved ones how much we care. Somehow, something feels unsettled, to me, with this picture. For those who feel that Love is all there is, every day must become a way to celebrate Love with joy and contentment. Investing one day of the year in the greatness of sharing, isn’t showing up for love, it is barely showing off. Love is an uninterrupted flow that never fails to deliver its goodness.

Indeed, Love doesn’t do anything else. It simply delivers goodness or greatness. How to remain in the flow is the most challenging part of Life. Here is a list of 5 ways to keep your Love going on a steady and passionate pace.

Think divine, not romantic

Romantic love can only last for a short amount of time unless it is ruled and fueled by a deeper and more rooted one. Divine Love is eternal in nature and everywhere in presence. When we connect our relationship with our sacred sense of self, we power it through the divine aspects that it vibrates. We infuse it with qualities that keep renewing the relationship, refreshing it and expanding it. Seek a deeper truth within yourself so that you develop a deeper strength within your relationship.

Think subtle, not loud

The need for one loud day of Love’s celebration comes from the lack of awareness about all of those, made of subtle moments. Love is subtle and indeed, most of its power comes unrecognized, hidden and very often, disguised. It takes much awareness to appreciate the subtlety with which love soothes us, on a daily basis. When a smile or a silence can become a moment that says: “I love you”, then the subtle has infiltrated life in moments and the need to celebrate is transformed into the will to honor Love everyday with little attentions and small gestures.

Think creative, not boring

Because Love renews Life, and Life follows Love, it becomes essential for anyone who wishes to keep feeling in Love, to think creatively. Whenever boredom enters our life, we must recognize it as a space for possibility for renewal and new possibility. Moments of surprise aren’t made of things known and already experienced. Lovers must be willing to seek within their own self, ways to share their love in new forms and new visions. Most of the time, small attentions and kind words are more than enough to share Love and rekindle the flame.

Think attitude, not servitude

Without a doubt, Love is a master. Although we must make ourselves its servant, we must not make ourselves servant of an illusion. Serving Love is honoring the self so that we can honor everyone. It is a way of life that goes beyond the little need of humankind to be loved. It is an experience that reminds humanity about its nature. The illusion of separation, need and co-dependency shared in superficiality and shallow relationships takes the possibility of a “forever”, away. Let’s experience a love that embodies respect, compassion and understanding and let’s release our need for needs.

Think gift of yourself before gift of things

Love brings a constant sense of contentment not because of the things it brings but more so through the memories it gathers. Love is the energy to which our human experiences represent the containers. When we share love with our humanity, we fill humanity with Love. When we give things for love, we invest our love in things. While things can, at times, hold some preciosity, gifts of self are priceless. Remember to always think gift of yourself before gift of things.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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