5 Silent Warnings that your Life is Unbalanced

5 Silent Warnings that your Life is UnbalancedThe subtle equilibrium with which life remains life is so delicate that it takes little to turn order into chaos in a space of a moment. Actually, while it seems to happen that way, the symptoms for unbalance begins way before they are seen and experienced but it requires for the mind to be conscious of its own perception and its own way of functioning to realize that. Simply put, it calls for a conscious way of living. Although the sense of equilibrium of every human beings is different, due to the uniqueness of their presence, there are ways to recognize when an instability has sparked within before it fully strikes and creates a greater sense of falling apart, and crumbling reality.

Here is a list of 5 silent warnings that your life is unbalanced and few ways to bring back equilibrium to the moment.

1 – Lack of Enthusiasm

One of the first silent symptoms of an unbalanced life is lack of enthusiasm. The joy that is found at the center of life natural fuels the core of the human experience. To be outside of this core is to be detached from the vital essence that replenishes life and ensure its forward motion as well as its fullness. When the being isn’t nurtured with its most favorite food which is self-Love, it naturally moves itself back at the center of its experience and can finally feel again the vital flow moving through and fueling it.

Pay attention to: lack of interest, lack of passion, feelings of indifference, bored.

2 – Lack of Inspiration

The human being is born visionary. Imagination is so ingrained in its nature that this is, indeed, the very spark that lights up its reality. When the self is out of balance, it cannot connect and without connection, there is no sense of aspiration not ways to direct inspiration anywhere. It becomes a useless creative process that leaks energy instead of producing more of it. To bring inspiration back into the picture, you must be willing to reconnect the mind with the heart and align feelings and thoughts. It is necessary to bring clarity to the perception and refocus the lens onto a inner-sense of happiness.

Pay attention to: feeling desperate, tormented and sorrowed, seeing chaos instead or order, victimhood vibrations, sense of powerlessness.

3 – Small Body Injuries

While body injuries are more apparent than the insidious lack of enthusiasm and inspiration that moves in the body without loud warnings, they are, many times, overlooked and unconsidered due to the commonality of their occurrences. For example, cuts, bruises and burns may be perceived as simple lack-of-attention accidents, yet they reveal a great deal of inner-stress trying to move out of the surface through these uncomfortable situations. Cuts and burns are systematic unexpressed bursts of anger. Turned inward to be hidden and not judged, they will reappeared via subconscious self-inflicted wounds such as burns and cuts.

Pay attention to: cuts, burns, bruises, recurrent pain in articulations, lower back tension, headaches and more.

4 – Negative Attitude

The inability for the conscious mind to systematically take charge of the way we positively choose to perceive our reality is a lack of equilibrium and a hint that the subconscious, dealing with deep unhealed wounds, is being given the power. When we tend to consistently blame, point fingers, belittle or accuse, censure, complain, criticize, diminish or condemn we are expressing a deep lack of compassion and ultimately showing a sense of separation within our own self. The unbalance is cause by a lack of unity within and is called for gathering of all pieces of who we are. “To gather all in peace is to piece all together.” ~Aline Hanle

Pay attention to: The words you use, the negative comments, your sense of rebellion, where you focus your thoughts.

5 – Compensatory Behaviors

The last of this list but not the least of all is the compensatory behaviors that we excerpt to make us feel good when we feel unbalanced. Shopping in excess, eating in excess or dealing with life in excess in any way is the demonstration of lack of stability within and calls for regrouping all the senses, thoughts and self-definitions into one focal points on which we can stand. These excessive behaviors are temporary solutions that provide immediate relief for the lack of happiness we sense yet they are adding onto the challenge of finding centeredness again.

Pay attention to: excessive tendencies, feelings of guilt towards self and others, compulsive comportments.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Janet says:

    Great blog and telltale signs.

  2. Hi Aline!

    Very interesting and food for thought. What came out to me is #3 because I’m prone into bunking into things and getting black and blues. I need to pay attention to that one! Inner stress coming out to the surface makes total sense to me.
    The others I’m aware of, but thank you for pointing this out!

    • Hi Donna… :-) I am glad you find some insight that may help you… There is a book “The dictionary of illnesses and diseases” written by a Canadian Doctor.. I have been using it for my practice and all my clients are always amazed by the accuracy of the revelations… Here is the link ~> http://www.atma.ca/en/ :-) Thank you for reading and commenting! Have a blessed day!

  3. Wow well I certainly hope I’m still on the right track because I’m not struggling to badly with these things….nice insights, Aline!

  4. I agree especially with points N. 1 and 2. When we are not satisfied with our life and our inner self becomes like a desert there surely is an imbalance which must be corrected.

    Life is so precious and short that not enjoying it is a tragedy.

    Very interesting post, have a great weekend!

    • Hello Andrea! #1 & #2 are certainly two points to be aware of. As you very well mentioned, we can easily get transformed as desert and forget that we also hold an oasis within… Have a great day! Thank you for your words!

  5. Eirin says:

    I can identify with some of these & I need to be more conscious of my life which is passing by very fast at the moment. Thank you X

  6. I’ve experienced all of these. I think you’ve clearly identified the fundamental elements of burnout, personal crisis, or the dark night of the soul – however one would
    like to label the experience. Aline, I hope you will write a follow up article
    that goes more in-depth in how to restore or recover balance in these 5 areas.
    Keep these helpful thoughts coming!

  7. Joshua Tilghman says:

    Awesome post! Quite spiritual, too, when you really think about it. Thanks helping us all to become aware.

    • Hello Joshua, thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Check our “Inspiration” category. You may find some more useful article focused on bringing awareness that will guide you. Have a great day!

  8. Five always gets me. Retail therapy as they say and lots of chocolate.

    • Hello Susan! The fifth one is very sneaky as it is so supported by our collective consciousness. We have been conditioned to believe that shopping and food are ok to access when the mind is tormented. It is the easy way out for sure. So temporary though. The voice inside is simply seeking for a way to be heard and the message is always a the spark of an awakening. Listen, you may be on your way to greatness sooner than you may believe… :-) Bless you!

  9. Lady Unemployed says:

    I have the negativity thing going on. I’m trying desperately to get out of my current job because it is a significant stress point (and dominates my thinking these days). Hopefully that can happen sooner rather than later!


    • Hello! Being desperate is what you create over and over again because your master feeling in this situation remains focus on “desperation”. Transform your life by redirecting your focus onto what you wish to feel in your next position, job or work? how does it feel, for you, to work in a space where you smile everyday, where you are looking forward to seeing your colleagues, where you enjoy your tasks and your responsibilities…. ? These must become your thoughts and even the air your breathe. Wishing you good luck and much awareness on your path to joyful work. Have a hopeful day!

  10. Gassy says:

    I fart a lot, what does that mean?

  11. hari shankar das says:

    Wonderful little article. I have been going through a real tough patch in my life for the past 3 years. Could relate to most of the points mentioned here. I guess enough is enough. Time to heal myself. Thanks for the article

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