4 Unsuspected Masters of Wisdom, Love & Patience

4 Unsuspected Masters of Wisdom, Love & PatienceLeaders with a message are spreading all over offering their perception and sharing their wisdom through their Truth to all of those who are seeking to reconnect with their most essential sense of self. Through its thirst for knowledge and understanding, humanity latches on those who appear to have more, know more and speak more. While there is always something to learn from everyone, there is also a lot to grasp from unsuspected sources which humble presence hides the depth of their wisdom behind the veil of their simplicity.

These masters stand in their truth, quietly and live it a breath at a time.  They do not speak much and their labels do not say masters or teachers, professors or instructors. Their genius lies in living the moment, embracing the moment and knowing the moment. Here they are in a very simple presentation

1 – Children

Little masters in disguise, hidden under their innocent forms and their joyful presence, children are the safe and gentle reminders that beyond our need to control, understand and plan, exists a space where living, playing and enjoying is the very meaning of success, contentment and realization. The balance between controlling our environment and trusting that Life brings us exactly what we need in the moment are what children keep reminding all of us in the most delightful and unintrusive way.

2 – Nature

Nature is humanity’s ultimate master. Very subtle in most of her ways, she keeps reminding us that balance exists where Life is felt. She always holds onto what ensures her survival and she always lets go of what doesn’t serve her any longer. Like a true master, she doesn’t judge not blame, she remains steady in her motion. Her motion is made of the most potent and stronger sense of existence. She naturally aligns where awareness stands the strongest.

3 – Pets

Although pets were not given a language that is widely recognize nor understood by the mass, they feel Life more than human beings do and they live according to it without questioning it but more so embracing it. Domestic animals are constant reminders that love isn’t a reward, a praise nor a need. They are reminding us that Love is a way, a choice and the most remarkable space to experience true connection.

4 – Challenges

Life isn’t a path where ease, beauty and happiness are seen first. Yet, while challenges are brought along the way, they are the most potent masters that reveal them all. Unless circumstances bring us challenges and obstacles, we would all move through life without visions nor dreams. While challenges stop many from moving forward, they also move those with a true will and a true faith, to follow through their guts, feelings, visions and dreams and move the boundaries of their own limitations into a world of possibilities that empowers all life.

Patience Love and Wisdom are levels of understanding of Life that require a great amount of awareness, inner-work and will-power. Only those with a vision and enough courage to live it will be able to access them all. Everyone has the potential and everyone has the tools. To take on the journey is to be alive and to move through the journey is to anchor courage into strength.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. DebbyBruck says:

    Not what I was expecting! No any particular person or name, but general categories, which fit the requirements of Masters In Disguise. @amitv_tweets

    • Thank you Debby for your read and your comment! Such a blessing to share when people get involved… :-) Everyone is a master to another… We attract those who teach us…. Yet, while we tend to focus on those that ego easily notice we tend to miss those whose wisdom is so simple that this is the one we need the most in our daily life… Angels are found hidden in many ways…. most of which are right before our very eyes and heart.. With all my Love… <3

    • Hello Sandra! This is to nice of you to share you vision, words and heart! Thank you so much for taking time for commenting on this! Leadership is being reevaluating from such a deeper perception. Humility is a great master… which gives a way for Self-Mastery and ultimately for Presence. Keep coming back, Sandra! We love having you here! :-)

  2. Suzie Carr says:

    This post left me feeling so peaceful. Every word of it. Beautifully written. I especially resonated with the paragraph on pets. When I need to relax and really feel life, I do so by sitting with my dogs and just ‘being’.

    • Hello Suzie! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! Pets are such powerful silent masters that keep showing how attitude can affect those around us. Enjoy your day! Keep reading us! :-)

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