4 Leadership wisdoms to grow your Charisma

4 Leadership wisdoms to grow your CharismaLeadership inspires averageness to perceive extraordinari-ness as possible. To do this is to hold a sense of self that carries limitlessness, purposefull-ness and meaningfulness. What we see in a leader is what we wish to recognize within our own self because leadership vibrates with authority, presence and clarity. When we can identify within ourselves a true sense of authority, then we stand on a solid ground. Everyone who wishes to soar must be willing to first build a strong foundation from which to take off.

We, human beings are born leaders. We grow old forgetting it and, only by growing up can  we remember it. We are born with a potential to experience. Life in what we can envision Life to be. Along the way, we are given challenges to overcome our path so that we grow this potential to enhance the quality of the path. Each time we move through challenges, we give more potency and momentum to our inner-potential. This motions essentially strengthen the path and ultimately expands presence.

The anchoring of presence in density is perceived by a renewed sense of clarity, peace of mind and sense of knowingness. We call it charisma. Very often, charisma cannot be explained nor easily worded as it is one of the greatest realization of the self. It would be like trying to explain the divine or to describe Love. Yet, as much as words may never find their way to capture the essence of charisma, the list below will give you an insightful leadership guidance in the form of little wisdoms to remember, embody and experience.

1 – Charisma is consequence. You are the cause

Charisma is what’s left and felt after your visions, thoughts, feelings and actions come together as one congruent space you call “I”. This means that charisma requires self-awareness and introspection. You are the chemist and you hold the ingredients to your experiment. Your ability to catalyze what makes You, unique, is at the core of your charisma.

2 – Charisma is silent. You are the message

Your life is the message of your leadership style. Charisma is the silent companion that follows the steps you choose to walk and the staircase you choose to climb. Although silent, charisma’s loud voice, being the endless echo of your decision process and your self-definition adventure, becomes the forever footprint you leave as a legacy to the world. Be one whose path empowers another to want to create his/her path more than one whose existence lets another feel that it is out of reach. When another listens to your echo, he/she must hear: You and I are the same. What I have achieved, you also can, in your own way.

3 – Charisma is self-realization. You are the spark

When the self is realized in density, then the self becomes more potent. Each time the self needs potency, it needs motion. Motion can only happen when the light of genius within each of us is sparked. This spark comes from the will to relate, connect and gives meaning to your existence. When this spark is encouraged and nurtured through childhood, it becomes the most powerful tool to experience leadership. When the spark has been forgotten through years of poor conditioning and visionary education, then the inner-child must relearn the steps again while living an adulthood existence. Remember the child within and the way he/she was dreaming, believing, playing and trusting Life.

4 – Charisma is honey. You are the bee

Where greatness wishes to be harvested, time, energy, focus and determination must be seeded. Work is essential and the quality of your work matters even more. Whatever your thoughts and feelings you hold constantly fuel your sense of presence and with it, the quality of the image of charisma you project out. Remain grounded in your vision. Keep your thoughts essential and full of abundant and positive vibes. Hold your sense of self, high yet be humble about it. You are a worker of light and through the light you will reveal your sweetest side.

Let charisma be the fruit of your labor because you dedicate your life to the uniqueness of your being and the greatness of the whole.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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