Tips and Tricks to Keep Your iPhone Secure

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your iPhone SecureThe love affair between Apple buffs and iOS devices would create a better love story than Twilight – a much better love story. The iPhone aficionados carry their sweetheart everywhere they go, and are relentlessly glued to it whenever one sets their sight on one of the myriad of iPhone owners. However, the fact that it is such a big hit among its owners also means that the temptation is also there for it to be stolen.

It’d take more than an iPhone tracker to recover your lost phone especially since your personal data would also be at stake if the device is stolen. That’s why we need to backup iPhone data to iTunes/iCloud or to PC by using a free iPhone transfer tool, before it’s too late after the device is stolen. Thankfully thought, the Apple hierarchy has conjured up mechanisms through which you can keep your device and our personal data safe from cell phone spy maneuvers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Passcode Lock

Start off with Passcode lock, which can be found after going in Settings and then General tab. Turn the Passcode On as your first line of security. The code that will be asked would be a simple four-digit code but you should go for a longer password that would further enhance your phone’s security. If you slide Simple Passcode button to ‘OFF’ then the option of a longer password would be generated, which should ideally be alphanumeric in nature.

Once the lock is on, you’d have access to many other options as well. There would be Siri access, and also the option of ‘Erase Data’. And also, if anyone who’s trying to hack into your account vies to guess your password, the data on your phone shall be erased – and by data we mean contact information, passwords, texts, et al.

Find My iPhone

With the first step out of the way, the next step is familiarizing yourself with the security apps that would keep an iPhone tracker at bay. Ironically though, Find My iPhone is an iPhone tracker of sort. It is akin to comic books, where both the good and bad guys have superpowers it’s just the way they use it that differentiates them.

Even though it’s name is not quite as exhaustive but Find My iPhone can also track down iPod Touch and the iPad. After installing the app, you need to enable it by going to Settings and then iCloud. There you need to ensure that Location Services option is on.

The Flipside

Picture this: your device is stolen, and you go to, log in to your ID to track your stolen device from the web browser. But what if you forgot turning on the Passcode Lock? Would you still be able to find the device? Well that depends on how smart the thief is. If they know a thing or two about iOS, they can disable the Passcode Lock themselves by going to Location Services. This is a massive chink in the armor of Find My iPhone.

Other Apps

There are other security apps and password apps in the market that further bolster the security layers on your private data; download apps like Dot Lock Protection Pro, mSecure and 1Password Pro, and war off any cell phone spy probes.

James ClarkJames Clark work revolves around tracking apps and software. His most recent stint in cell phone tracking MobiStealth has focused on iPhone tracking. Clark’s readers follow this work to get the latest scoop on all things tracking.

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