The Metaphysics of Innovation: Living Beyond

The Metaphysics of Innovation: Living BeyondThe spirit of innovation nurtures a world of unmapped concepts and uncharted ideas. This flow exists within all levels of human life and systems. Technology, economy, finances, entertainment, media, environment, even the human body, itself. The passion that fuels innovation is so ingrained in human nature that it can be seen in all dimensions of human evolution and for a reason; it is the very essence of human evolution. The vital need for consciousness to grow and understand the universe from which it derives, sparks individuals to keep pushing the limits of the established collective agreements, envision unnamed possibilities and build pathways to make them alive before their eyes.

Beyond the needs for productivity, performance and cost-efficiency, lies a primal thirst for ingenuity, curiosity and exploration. Such a thirst finds, in innovation, the most adequate experience to let humanity get a taste of universal creativity. Indeed, while nothing is seen yet, those with a vision behind the known can reveal an unseen life, experience the future and make dreams come true.

The Nature of Life

Underneath the tip of the Innovation iceberg that offers only sights of products and services, stands the nature of Life, itself. Originated from a vision beyond the form, the nature of life dictates the motion towards which humanity is evolving. Some of the most essential aspects of the Ongoing Life are expansion, equilibrium and sustainability. It is, then understandable that all the great inventors and thinkers of each eras have been noticed for their revolutionary thinking and doing.  The reason why innovation is so prominent and in great demand in this critical time of Now is due to the speed at which our information system exposes newness.

Those in tune with the subtle flow, like steve Job, can sense the possible of tomorrow becoming a reality already in the now. When we listen to the nature of Life, we feel guided and this guidance becomes the light that we all agree to see and embody. Great innovators are those who have gotten a glimpse into the way Humanity essentially functions, providing it with an idea that becomes a remarkable solution for its prime needs: Connection, Sense of Belonging, Acceptance, Communication

The Desire to Experience

Having visions, ideas and thoughts are only simple steps in the process of innovation. Indeed, although it is essential, it simply cannot stop there. The desire to experience is what gives innovation its full meaning through density. The human being is thirsty for experience as consciousness moves through him/her to know itself. The great alchemy that all mystics have shared is the magic of transforming energy (thought/idea/vision) into form. Innovation is the space where the subtle thought is processed and transformed into matter so that it anchors its sense of self in the known.

The link to Paradigm Shift

Innovation, because it carries the flow of an invisible reality into the density of the now, offers a bridge between eras, periods and epochs. It is a true paradigm shifter. This is how motion occurs and this is how Life grows. It lets go of what isn’t essential and  attracts the awareness on what’s next. Innovation is like a silent guide that pulls the current reality into the next one. It enables the flow of Life to keep moving forward and at the same time it gently invites the old paradigm to turn into the new one. Innovation is a talented leader in consciousness growth as it perfectly moves life from one paradigm into another without the needs to speak.

As innovation sparks everywhere, is there a way for us to systematically make it a conscious collective effort about Peace, Unity and the amelioration of the global human condition? Can the next generation of innovators be the one that will perceive the vision about a paradigm into which the human family can finally live together as one? Finally Can Innovation be not only at the service of more stuff for human beings but more so at the service of more ways for being human?

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Good post. I think most of us – I’ll include myself – can frequently get stuck at the first step when it comes to our innovation. We might wonderful ideas, but allowing fear to live within them can really make for a tough road. I think there already is an effort, but it isn’t strong enough; I believe we focus more on negativity than anything else, including the capability of being innovative.


    • Thank you Sapphire for your read and your comment! Indeed, I agree with you… It takes great courage to pursue a dream beyond the first self-judgment or others perception of our genius. Everyone holds a seed of genius within with a potential for innovation.. When we open the word “Innovation” to the very core of its meaning, then we find the strength to continue to walk to path to creativity. Keep it up! let us know your next innovation and if we can help in any way!! Love&Light ~Aline

  2. Dura says:

    Just BS, set of generalisms and obvious sentences. I might be generated by some content generator

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