The Essential Check List to Start your Home Renovation Project

The Essential Check List to Start your Home Renovation ProjectWhile the housing market fluctuates from a bubble to another, renovations remain constant opportunities for homeowners to refresh their life without necessarily spending big bucks in the process. Kitchen, bathroom, floors, closets or other projects require a clear and define plan of actions so that the journey into home improvement dwells in organization, enjoyment and satisfaction. Here is the essential check list to begin your home renovation project. These tips will ease your wallet, simplify your life and ensure that you are on track with your remodeling vision.

1 – Determine the vision

Write a clear summary of your vision and the feel that you wish to give to the space. You must be willing to already see it in your heart and mind before it actually shows up before your eyes. The reason is that when the vision becomes clear in your mind, then it becomes easier to share with all the people involved in the project. Whether they are contractors, workers, family members or even yourself, it is worth spending a little time in researching images on the web and ideas to define your final project and refine your needs.

2 – Determine your budget

Once your project is clear, it becomes easier to determine if your vision and your budget can dance together. How much money you have set aside or how much you must borrow. Establish a plan where you will assign parts of the budget to the different needs: for supplies, for materials, for contractors such as, plumber, carpenter, tiler as well as other resources for tool hire for these jobs.

3 – Determine the tasks

You must be taking a thorough time at listing the tasks involved in your project. From beginning to end, many steps are involved and many must be done in a particular order. Consult a professional to find out more about your project and what it involves in details. Each step that will have been overseen can add time to your timeline and delay your project by days or even weeks. Feel free to refer to different resources to ensure that you have a solid preparation. A good project is at least half in the thoroughness invested in the preparation period.

4 – Determine your timeline

Once your budget and vision are aligned, then your timeline become the critical part of your project. Some parts of the project may be done before others and according to your budget, you may need to spread them out throughout a certain period of time. Your personal and professional schedules may also need to be taken in consideration when you establish the time-feasibility of your remodeling adventure. Do you need to be present with the workers? Can you do it yourself on the week-end? Can the weather be a challenge, do you have friends helping you? How long does each task take for completion? Is there drying time involved…

5 – Determine your Remodeling Philosophy

When all your pragmatic preparation is done, take a moment to determine your home remodeling philosophy. While there is much involved in the practicality and the doing during a renovation project, there is also a lot involved in the attitude and the behaviors that one adopts throughout the whole unfolding of the project. Because nothing is ever set in stones, projects remain simple outlines of our reality and unforeseen challenges and obstacles may arise along the way. Take some time to establish your renovating mindset philosophy so that when these moments present themselves, you have some room for breathing, evaluating, and detaching from the potential frustrating time. A renovating project can be fun when the mind holds some space for joy, peace and surrender.

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