ModernLifeBlogs & MysticGirl Valentine’s Special Contest

ModernLifeBlogs & MysticGirl Valentine's Special ContestThroughout many milleniums, Love has had many faces and many names. It has been endlessly morphed and shaped throughout the human evolving belief system, renewed dogmas and shifting epochs. While poetry has captured most of lovers’ feelings in their romantic stories, the mind has always failed at boxing the concept of Love.

This is where symbology steps in. The beauty about symbols is that they speak to our collective and individual subconscious. They encapsulate, emotionally, spiritually and mindfully, a very abstract concept, and give it a real meaning so that our mind can understand it and our life can experience it.

ModernLifeBlogs Valentine’s Celebration is giving you, a chance to share your favorite Love symbol! What is your Love Symbol? A rose? A heart? Cupid? Wedding rings?

valentines question

Help us spread more Love by sharing with us on Twitter, in 140 characters, the magic of your Love symbol!

What is your Love Symbol and why? Submit your entry through your Twitter stream in 140 characters. Remember to add #LoveContest and @ModernLifeBlogs to your tweet and also comment so that we can easily identify you! For Example :

MysticGirl’s ultimate message is inspirational and motivational while humble and grounded. It shares the principle of Oneness and the Truth of Compassion. It invites every girl to seek within the beauty that is held hidden yet present. It gives hope and life to the creative genius existing within her and let her shine it with her own un-compromised sense of self.

Our Team & MysticGirl will randomly choose 3 winners

1st Winner : A MysticGirl Yoga Burnout Long sleeves T-Shirt (Value $45)

2nd Winner : An Exclusive MysticGirl iPhone4/4S Case (Value $29)

3rd Winner : ModernLifeBlogs Special : Awaken Your Senses Mug (Value $20)

Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day. Connect us on Twitter : Facebook : Google+ 

ContestWinners @JeanetteJoy



Congrat’s to all winner and we would like to thanks to all others who have taken part in this Valentine #LoveContest and we will bring contest more great prizes to win. So keep connected with us for more new amazing contest coming soon. Subscribe to our newsletter and get connected with us on social networks. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Spread The Love <3

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He is a CEO and Founder of ModernLifeBlogs & ModernLifeTimes Entrepreneur, Android Fan, Loves Technology, Photography & Spreading Smiles :-)
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  1. My Love Symbol is the ❤ ~ Even as we take our last breath it beats, it loves, it feels ~ We love until we are no more…. xoxo

  2. Sounds interesting Amit!

    My love symbol is the heart for sure because that is what beats for the one we love. Love is what makes the world go round, and a heart is a symbol of love. :) Just send out a tweet for the contest, though the 140 characters fall so short.

    Nevertheless, wishing everyone all the very best for the contest in the coming month of love. :)

  3. My Love symbol is :-) Because what can be seen on the face has first been felt in the heart. <3

    • Amit Verma says:

      Yes love your thought and your symbol. Yes if you make someone smile then love appears from heart and it seen on face. Because real happiness when your heart feel the love and that express on face. That’s the real beauty of LOVE. Heart Matter. Keep Smiling :-) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Jackie Bigford says:

    I just supported your contest with a tweet my young friend ♥

  5. DebbyBruck says:

    Tweeting #Love Notes. <3

  6. My Love Symbol is : A Heart <3 Probably, because of its shape – it takes two different halves to make the whole :-)

  7. ♬♬♫♫♫ Musical note symbols make me want to sing and shout “I Love YOU!” #LoveContest @ModernLifeBlogs :-)

  8. ♫♫♫ Thank you. Thank YOU. THANK YOU~ What a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day. I appreciate you sharing Love and Peace to bring Joy to the World.

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