Love is in the Air – 5 Ways to Let it Land in your Life

Love is in the Air - 5 Ways to Let it Land in your LifeLove is everywhere. It is forever present and, according to ancient wisdom and spiritual truth, it also is available at all times. Artists sing it, poetry depicts it, dreamers live it and yes, love is in the air but truly, what we all wish for is for it to land within our heart, mind and life.

What human beings seek, beyond all odds, is a chance to grow a seed of Love inside their own experience and reconnect with the most essential aspects of their nature. How does it feel to be love? What does it take to cross path with destiny? When, why and who will be the chosen one? While these questions may always remain a mystery within the mystery, they also are little guidance along the way for our mind to open to the possibility that there are answers directly linked to them.

Here are 5 way to offer Love a place to land in your life so that while it is in the air, it becomes aware that you have a space for it to settle and grow eternally.

1 – Dwell in your Questions

Each time your mind lets you become aware of an existential question about Life, it invites you to reflect upon your own self. It is a child who questions your very own sense of existence and expect you to serve an answer that can satisfy his curiosity and thirst for knowledge and understanding. Any questions you feel rising in your consciousness is a hint about your lack of self-definition. Love is seeking for self-definition within your own experience. Dwell in your questions and there you shall find what Love wishes to know about you. This is the beginning of a sacred dialogue that births ultimate soulmate relationships.

2 – Listen to the Silence

Silence holds more space for Life than any lifetime of words. Love dwells in silence while fueling Life with its most essential aspect. When you give yourself time to listen to the silence that exists within you, you become an active recipient for Love. Your life, through the awareness of your own body, thoughts, emotions and senses, becomes the perfect companion with which Love can experience the physicality. Be silent so that Love becomes your conscious companion. You must become your best friend before you attract one.

3 – Make space for Peace

Love and Peace are inseparable. Like lovers, whenever you seek one, you find the other. Make yourself a messenger for Peace and Love will not stay away from you. Your senses will naturally welcome Love like a magnet. Remember that Love vibrates, like peace, with unconditionality, non-judgment, inner-strength and contentment. Seek for those and become peace. Live those and meet Love.

4 – Rejoice in Simplicity

One of the characteristic of the lightness of Love is that it knows no burden from life. This means that simplicity is a path that Love recognizes as the closest one to her Truth. When you find yourself enjoying the most simple moments, you attract a sense of Life that Love knows well. You call for essentiality, unity, truth and integrity. These are aspects of Life that Love cherishes the most.

5 – Be Authentic

While all tips, hints and advises can help you become more aware of Love, one is the most potent and most certainly the most significant. Being authentic is flaming your power, your strength and your roots. These are the ultimate characteristics by which Love grows, expands, thrives and become an eternal concept. Keep living your life with authenticity and self-respect. Remain anchored in your Truth even beyond the need to fit in. Stand your ground and walk your own dream. Those who belong with it will most certainly appear along the way.

Love brings together those who belong with each other. Yet those must first find the courage to be themselves so that they learn to give room to welcome another full self.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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