How To Make Vulnerability an Asset for Influence

How To Make Vulnerability an Asset for InfluenceVulnerability has been pointed out as the weak link to success and while it isn’t a space that is foreseen as remarkable by many, it is the essential space from where leadership is forged, learned and grown. Leaders become influent because the hardship through which they have walked has revealed the courage through which they have grown their integrity, their honesty, in short, their authority.

The Odd path - A Guide to Soulful Influence and Inner-Authority

In my book, “The Odd path – A Guide to Soulful Influence and Inner-Authority” , influence emerges from the essential realization of one’s endless well of worthiness and true reconnection to universal wisdom.

Here are 4 tips to help you take your vulnerability and turn it into influence.

Accept vulnerability as a point of departure

This sense of vulnerability that you may feel at times is but a scream from your soul to begin your journey into your strength. It is a starting point and nothing more. So do not get stuck into it. Your essential nature is made of strength. When vulnerability is felt, strength is searching for a conscious way out. The more awareness you will offer to express your vulnerability, the more information you will gather to understand it. What you can understand, you can more easily master.

Understand vulnerability as a misunderstood guidance

Vulnerability is a message, nothing more and yet nothing less. There is great guidance in it. It is a guidance that invites to betterment of the being on its way to experience authenticity, integrity and truth. When is search for the light, darkness will show up. In a world that exists through perceptive duality, what is felt is only the tip of an iceberg called reality. There is more to grasp to what is felt to those who dare going deeper in the first impression.

Capture the truth beyond your own vulnerability

What the mind feels is vulnerable is but a misunderstood message from beyond. It is, indeed, a guidance from beyond. To discern what guidance means is to journey within and learn the language of your soul. This lost language holds no words. It holds symbols, silences and feelings. Once you can decipher your own communication mode, then you can rely on your strength.

Make vulnerability the companion of your strength

Once you realize that vulnerability and strength are two sides of the same coin, then you will begin to embrace one to see the other and listen to one to hear the other. Influence stands on authority and authority is built on presence. To be born from strength isn’t enough. You are asked to remember it, embody it and experience it. Leadership understands that strength alone isn’t strong. More so, strength is an experience revealed through challenges offered by vulnerability. Team them up and authority will grow. Share them both and influence will follow.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. @ReginaJinglesNY says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this deep article. Lots of food for reflection. Thank you!

  2. Donna Cerame says:

    The timing of your post arriving in my mailbox is synchronistic, as are all things. Thank you for the encouragement to continue my writing, which involves greatly risking vulnerability and requires showing up authentically, in my truth. <3 Donna

    • Hello Donna! I am so glad that you chose to continue your passion. Let it be your master.. It will help you move through your challenge & let you grow with Joy… <3

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