Discovering London In the Heart of the City’s Green Lands

Discovering London In the Heart of the City's Green Lands

London, while vibrating the feel of a modern urban capital, reflects a natural timeless essence that keeps attracting foreigners from all parts of the world. Amongst all events in London, tours and programs offered to discover the town, the visit of the City’s parks seems to let tourists and visitors, travel not only sometimes from far away but also,  back in time. London holds a network of a large number of gardens and small open spaces throughout all the areas. Charming, each of them gives pedestrians a taste of green with a twist of groomed courtyards, unique to the British outdoor landscape.

Here are 5 parks worth your time and memories:

1 – The Finsbury Circus

An area of 2.2 hectares, it is the largest public open space within the Citie’s boundaries. It got its name from its elliptical shape similar to the circus venues of ancient Rome. Previously private, the garden was open as a public park in the early 20th century.

2 – St Paul’s Cathedral Churchyard

The gardens are part of the precincts of St paul’s Cathedral and an important part of its setting. The gardens hosts many different kinds of tree such as London plane, gingko, maple, lime, ash, mulberry and eucalyptus. Int he north are some of the oldest plane trees in the City and a giant fir tree; at the south gate is a rose garden.

3 – The Chelsea Physic Garden

This unique garden has a unique living collection of around 5000 different edible, useful, medicinal and historical plants. This hidden gem is also a peaceful green oasis in which to enjoy a relaxing stroll with an award-winning Cafe and a book and gift shop.

4 – The Whittington Garden

The garden was named after Lord mayor Richard Whittington, who rebuilt the church of St Michael Paternoster royal at his own expense in 1409. After the Corporation of London acquired the site in 1955, it was laid out in 1960 with a largely paved area in the west and grass, flower beds and trees in the East.

5 – The Clearly Garden

Perfect setting for a break from sightseeing, the Clearly Garden, offers benches under canopies of trees and vines and beautiful sunken lawn. Located on Queen Victoria Street, yet hidden, it provides an heaven of relaxation for summer pedestrians.

6 – Seething Lane Gardens

This was the site of the Navy Office, founded in 1656. Although simply shaped, it is bounded by railing and laid out symmetrically with a central path, well shaded by trees. Either side of the gate are rose beds. The word “Seething” may originate from a medieval word “sifethen” meaning “full of chaff” so-called after the nearby Corn Market.

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