5 Ways to Create a Sweet-Life kind of Recipe

5 Ways to Create a Sweet-Life kind of RecipeCooking is such an amazing way to mirror life. We have separate ingredients and must find ways to combine them to create a dish. In Life, it is the same. We recognize many aspects of who we are and somehow, by magic, we combine them and create our own reality. So, if the Universe is the big chef and we trust that It is the best one, all that It creates, tastes just fine. When the taste is bitter, sour, tart, acid or astringent instead of sweet, our work is to dive into ourselves as sous-chefs and find out where the recipe went wrong. The ultimate recipe for a sweet life exists and this is our own doing that tends to corrupt the universal and original blueprint.

Here are 5 ways to create a sweet-life kind of recipe or more so, 5 hints to seek where the original recipe for happiness went wrong in our life.

The Onion Hint

Onions are incredible. They are one of the foods that reminds us so much about our own sense of self. It is an amazing vegetable with a genius for hearty recipes made of layers and layers of itself. Well… Just like us, human beings. When we cut an onion in half, we can see the layers easily and if ever one layer is rotten we can effortlessly take it away or else it may carry a bitter taste to the final dish. An introspective work is nothing more than the same process. Accessing to the deeper layers of the self and find out what gets in the way of letting sweetness become the primary taste. Be willing to seek deeper beyond the surface.

The Spices Hint

Spices are extraordinary. Concentrated flavors of infinite goodness, it takes little of them to reveal the full flavor of a dish and bring together all ingredients that made it. Spices are reminders that humility is a big factor in life. When the dish is made by following the original recipe, then it will be revealed with just a little unique spicy blend. It will become remarkable because somehow, the taste will be unique, full and unfathomably delicious. When we know our ingredients and combine them with authority and confidence then humility is what makes the savoriness even more noticeable.

The Fruits Hint

Fruits are astonishing. They are filled up with true nurturing substance, each, hidden in the most unique shape. The truth about fruits is that devoid from their juice, the pulp is flavorless, bland and insipid. In our life, the body isn’t the sweet flavor. The essential substance that inhabits it is the true holder of Life. Take a way the energy force beyond the body and the body become a dull space for emptiness to welcome bitterness. Sweetness is the result of life coming alive through the form. Always remember what sweetens your smile. Always feel gratitude for the invisible that enlivens you.

The Water Hint

Water is not only necessary for cooking but more so it is essential. Water represents the energy of unconditional love. Look inside your life and find out what part of it that is devoid of unconditional Love. Where do you need to infuse “water” so that you sweeten your days with more love and less judgments, with more smiles and less fears, with more joys and less dramas? Unconditional love is the core of your life and as so, you must be willing to add some when bitterness is all that you can taste.

The Ingredients Hint

A recipe is a mix of ingredients revealed by alchemy (inner-property of the food mix). Your life is a mix of thoughts, emotions, memories, subconscious and conscious beliefs and more revealed by alchemy (awareness). Be willing to observe the ingredients you consciously put in your mind and that you mix with your choices and reveal with your actions. You cannot change the recipe after it is cooked. You must be willing to intervene in the creation of your life when you can have access to the ingredients you choose to mix. Bring awareness to your thoughts. Enter in a constant introspective process and become a conscious co-creator of your Life so that you define the level of sweetness you are willing to taste along the way.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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