5 Steps to an Empowering Year 2013

"5 Steps to an Empowering Year 2013"One year ends, another begins. While time, ultimately, remains undisturbed, the mind perceives a possibility of new beginning and, with it, a chance to start anew. Whether it is a new purpose, a new attitude, a new way, the process of renewal is like spring for the seasons. It is a time when seeds of possibilities are being planted and a journey to nurture them is being envisioned. Opportunities can only rise when visions and preparations team up and build a strong structure for them to move into and through.

An opportunity-driven life is a conscious way of living and a time-holistic approach to life where our past experiences and visions of our future reveal our unfolding present. When we realize that what we are in the now is the sum of what we have experienced in our past (consciously & unconsciously), we understand the essentiality in bringing awareness to our past. In the same way, when we realize that our dreams and visions are the steering wheel of our current decision process, we understand the need to define these visions with clarity and purpose.

Here are 5 steps that will help you start this new year with an empowered sense of self and let you enjoy the next 365 days with a sense of purpose, meaning and accomplishment.

1 – Make a list of your 2012 best and worst moments

Take a moment and reflect on your year 2012. List 5 empowering moments you personally lived and 5 disempowering ones. The purpose of this exercise is to bring awareness on your sense of success and failure. What has empowered you has reinforced your sense of self. What has disempowered you has weakened your sense of self. To be able to articulate these moments, situations, emotions and thoughts is to build a database of your perceptive reality and discern what you must keep holding in your visions and what you may need to let go from your belief system.

2 – Define your 2013 priorities

Now that your thinking landscape is a little more defined, you can project onto your blank canvas of possibilities your dreams and visions and define your priorities for the year. You must begin to perceive a pattern of ideas and visionary thoughts that are consistent with your empowered self revealed above, on #1. While these ideas are not guarantees of success, they provide hints and clues for your mind to direct its thinking process and its belief system habits.

3 – Experience “As above, so below”

In 5 short sentences, list 5 truths you know about yourself. These truths are perceptions about yourself that you have established as truths. They are the strongest foundations to your current reality. Now that you have written them, do they depict a strong you? Would you label them positive, negative or neutral? When you compare your life now and these 5 truths, do you perceive a correlation? If yes, it shows that what you live is what you think consciously. If not, it shows that there are subconscious thoughts patterns that tend to steer your life beyond the control of your conscious thoughts.

4 – Establish your magnetic field

List 10 names of people who are in your life. They can be related to your professional or personal life. Individually associate an adjective to each of these names. Be objective. The purpose is to reveal what you attract to you. People you attract are energies you are invited to be aware of. When you attract people you love, then they mirror to you the love you are holding within. When you attract people you do not care for, they mirror to you what you cannot love about yourself.

5 – Determine your idea of success

The concept of success is so individual that when seeking to realize it, you may end up get lost in someone’s else perception. This new year is the perfect time to define what success means to you, personally, so that the path you walk aligns with the purpose you know. Find 9 synonymous of success then associate a number from 1 to 9 (1 being the most relevant synonymous and 9 the least).  This little exercise will help your mind wrap itself around a concept as ethereal as air.

Give your self a good start to this new year with just a few practical tips designed to fathom your strength in concrete ways! Feel free to comment on your own personal approach to start this year, we would love to read from you!

ModernLifeBlogs team wishes you an amazing year 2013 filled with extraordinariness in simplicity and joy in all small and great things!

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Aline, thanks for a year filled with inspiration! Looking forward to seeing what you share with us in 2013…


  2. Good stuff, Aline. I love how you have headings that are not obvious, especially 3 and 4. #4 is my favorite – it’s a play on what my parents always used to say by way of cliche: “If you walk like a duck and talk like a duck… people will think you’re a duck.” Or just surround yourself with the best! Hope your tear is off to a great start.

    • Hello Carol Lynn! Your parents have given you great wisdom! :-) Thank you for taking time for sharing your words and your vision… Keep reading us! I am wishing you an incredible year ahead!

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