5 Reasons to Keep on Trusting Life

5 Reasons to Keep on Trusting LifeLife is a great master. As we all move through it, it keeps moving us through series of challenge, designed to let us learn and grow with its flow. Many of these challenges may, sometimes, bring us down to the core. We tend to forget that they also reveal the best within us when we keep on trusting that perpetual seed of genius in their center. When it comes to trust, faith isn’t only a beautiful thing but more so it is the ultimate trick.

Yet, when doubt rises, and faith is shaken, there is a need for a temporary back up system that exists through the mind. Moving from the heart where faith is sheltered into the mind where logic and reasoning are present may be only an alternate solution to a life of contentment and inner-peace, yet it is a key that unlocks the power of suggestion.

The suggestive thinking process is a powerful tool for our being to bridge a gap of doubt and restore the power of faith. Here is a list of 5 reasons that we may use to keep on trusting life when life challenges us in trusting it.

1 – Life always finds a way

Even in moments of intense stress, we must remember that Life has been, is and always will be. Where there is life, there is a way. When doubt rises, Life tells us to re-evaluate our perceptive reality and shift it where it is more possible and where the way wishes to naturally move. Resistance is vain as Life flow is more powerful than anything. Stubbornness serves no purpose while determination does. To be determined in finding a way is trusting life with her voice whispering the way and us being active listeners to the message.

2 – Life never gives up on what it worthy

The sentiment of devaluation and unworthiness that comes through challenges tends to let us easily doubt about our capacity to succeed and our ability to rise again. Let’s not forget one essential and universal truth about Life. Life never gives up on what is worthy. As long as you are a breathing living creature experiencing this physical reality, you are worthy of this experience. Keep seeking the diamond within you. When you can recognize your own brilliance, you become an ally for life to birth more of its light.

3 – Life always seeks for more of itself

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The natural and dualistic principle of our physical reality implies a cyclic and rhythmic evolution shifting between two opposites. From darkness to light, from up to down, from left to right. It is the way through which life seeks to realize more of itself. When caught in the middle of a challenge, remember that something is being asked to be given away from your life so that it makes room to accept something  new. The process of renewal is an eternal motion of let go of the old and acceptance of the new. The doubt is the space that links both. Be comfortable with doubt as it is the bridge on which your being walks towards renewal and ultimate growth.

4 – Life never stagnates

Here is a reason that encompasses simplicity and pure logic. Stagnation is never a long-lasting way. Life being eternal by nature, when stagnation sets, Life dies. Stagnation is like inertia without a force to move it with purpose. When we feel without motion, we are invited to reconsider our sense of purpose. Only with purpose can life moves again. Great challenges calls for true self-assessment through which we re-assign our life to a specific dream and associate it with a heartfelt aspiration.

5 – Life always seeks us

When caught in the midst of doubt, we tend to naturally go inward. This is happening for the very reason that, this time isn’t a time to get out, reach out and do but a space to withdraw, listen and be. The answer comes to us like a magnet attracts another. Remember that Life seeks us as much as we seek it. When our actions seems to fail at finding it, we must be willing to be the answer that Life seeks. We must not be the question for life but the answer for it. Be who you are with your most authentic sense of self and Life will naturally recognize you as a possibility for it to exist in this physical reality.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Aline your wisdom is a blessing to the world! Thank you :)

    • Hi Lynn! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this article! To write it is a blessing and for it to be read is a gift that you offer to me.. Thank you for you.. Keep being awesome!

  2. Thank you Aline for the reminder that Life is always for us. What a gift!

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