4 Trends that Reveal Humans Need for Connection

4 Trends that Reveal Humans Need for ConnectionThe human being is born with an innate ability for connection. While his environment has not always provided him with the most ideal way to realize it, throughout centuries and centuries of existence, he has emerged at the dawn of the 21st century with a conscious experience of this connection. He became a explorer of the unseen and shaped his economic, personal, social and professional landscapes so that connection appeared not only necessary but essential.

Here are 4 trends that reveal the need for human being’s personal interaction.

Growing demand for direct experience 

Conference venues, virtual  or local have offered the world unlimited opportunities to meet, share ideas, do business and exchange all kinds of information. According to Editor of Meeting Professionals International, Jessie States, in an interview, about the 2013 Meeting Industry, “people want more peer interaction and learning and less lecture time.” People and businesses are seeking for real-time feedback and so for a reason. Everyone is seeking to gain better sense of synergy. People also appear to seek face-to-face events where interactions become personable and ultimately real.

Explosion of Social Media

It isn’t a surprise anymore and indeed, although fairly new in the grand scheme of the history of technology, social media remains at the forefront of the trend that reveals the most, the thirst for people to connect on a more personal level.
Existing platforms keep growing and innovative projects keep emerging. The growth of mobile capability for businesses to share their contents demonstrates the need for people to remain connected at all time and everywhere.
Expansion of local organized like-minded groups
“There is something about face-time that cannot be equal”. The number of group where people gathered around like-mindedness and common interest is on constant augmentation. The need to revitalize the local communities has made the like-mindedness collective initiative, the perfect model to fit the need for human beings to connect on a personal level. The endless growing success of this model is being ensured even more with the support of technology and a renewed sense of awareness about community development.
Investment in Telecommunication and Technology
The trend of financial investments in telecommunication and technology is going up. Those with visionary aspirations and great dreams have foreseen the need for human being to connect in the most vital way. The potential for human interactions through technological advance and prowess is tremendous, and social media has proven it. Connecting faster and greater and at a cheaper rate has become an ultimate challenge for telecommunication companies.
Conscious connection is the path that the collective consciousness is experiencing for It is seeking to remember and experience conscious unity. The trend that the world is experiencing in terms of interactivity and interconnectedness is a revealer of the deep motives that moves humanity. One of unification, solidarity and harmony through free individuality.
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  1. Well done. I especially like the last few sentences. The tension between unity and individuality… Thought-provoking stuff. Found your page through Triberr. Cheers!

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