4 Tips to Transform your Potential Customers into Lifetime VIPs

4 Tips to Transform your Potential Customers into Lifetime VIPsMarketing isn’t only a part of a company necessary to promote products. It is a creative space designed to imagine possibilities to connect an audience to a concept and empower theses concepts with strength so that your potential clients become your actualized success by remaining faithful to your product, service or name.

To create trust is to share an extraordinary experience that tells a story and provide emotional feedbacks. Experiential Marketing is an approach to marketing that directs the awareness onto feelings and emotions. It invites the potential client to learn about a product or a brand from customer experiences which always hold more value than traditional sale speeches. Let your audience get a taste of your service or product and give them memories of who you are what your brand means.

Become a sponsor of experiences for your clients & you’ll become the first chain of a powerful marketing campaign founded on emotional emulation and empiric memories.

Here are 4 tips to help you transform your potential customers into strong referral links that support your marketing credibility and ultimately promote your business presence.

1 – Treat your “Not-Yet-Customer” as an “Always-Been-VIP”

Whatever you wish to to create in the future must be experience in the now. A new VIP client is a potential client who has been systematically reminded about his/her own uniqueness, significance and worth. Give a space for your potential client to be nurtured as an individual. The human being is more likely to respond positively to a marketing campaign when the message that is sent touches his emotional self more than is intellectual self.

2 – Connect your existing customers to your potential customers

Create a space for your clients to speak about you in a dynamic way. Testimonials have always been amazing marketing tools to connect people to products. Yet because written testimonials have little value compared to emotional engagement,  it is becoming essential to offer creative ways to provide spaces and experiences for people to share their personal stories and empower them with trusted messages  that promote your name.

3 – Engage the dialogue, provide extraordinary listening

Active listening has always been one of the most powerful assets of extraordinary leadership and when it comes to build a faithful customer list, it also comes as an essential tool to enhance the customer experience and even change the mind of temporary dissatisfied customers. Implement creative ways to interact with your audience and provide an ultimate chance for it to be heard and understood.

4 – Increase loyalty by building true relationships

When you connect people to people, you create a strong channel that becomes the perfect structure for a flow of messages to move with trust. Building your customer’s trust from within is the surest way to strengthen your foundation and steadily grow your image. Give time and love to those who are about to make you successful. Provide excellence in the way you treat them as individuals and they will offer you a loyal presence in return. People matter more than products.
The ultimate purchase experience involves the perfect mix between emotional and rational connections. To inspire your audience is to connect with its heart. To capture your audience is to spark its mind. To ensure the continuous growth of your audience is to combine heart and mind through experiences that create extraordinary memories it shares.
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