4 Peaceful Ways to Share Differences & Embrace Diversity

4 Peaceful Ways to Share Differences & Embrace DiversityDiversity can be threatening to those whose personal truth depends upon the judgment of another. Yet, when diversity is honored and embraced, it becomes the most delightful way to contemplate Life as a whole and Love as a way. Humanity, supported by the media which has not yet understood that its primary duty is to connect more than divide, has lost its way to peace. It has walked thousand of years with a vision of power in division instead of a vision of Strength in Unity.

The beauty of our contemporary and extraordinary time is that we have awakened to a Truth that this sense of separation is no longer sustainable nor even necessary. We are realizing the tremendous power of human connections through personal brilliance, genius and uniqueness. Here are 4 peaceful ways to share our differences and embrace diversity so that we understand how to complement each other and ultimately honor each other.

1 – Reach out to the Unknown

Realize that what is feared in another is only a clue about what is unknown within yourself. Find the courage to overcome the doubt and the lack so that you can learn and grow. To reach out to the unknown is what a child does everyday of her life. Moving from an unknown to another, expanding her world from her experience. Become curious, creative and daring. Reach out and you’ll find more strength to stand. A stranger isn’t to be feared. It is to be considered as a potential master awakening a dormant part of our own self.

2 – Random Act of Kindness to Someone

The only with which Humanity has always related to itself has been through the magic of Love. I call it Kindness. This kindness is the simple act born from love, move through Love and expressed with love. An act of kindness is a natural bridge to peace. It builds trust and strengthens interdependency. It is an exchange of energy between two separate beings that creates an instant memory of connection. When it is consciously done towards someone without any specific attachment such as family member, loved one or close friend, then it becomes a celebration of human connection. It displays the will to connect beyond race, gender, cultures, faith, dogmas or beliefs. It is the embodiment of unconditional Love by excellence.

3 – Pay It Forward without Agenda

A simple gesture and yet one rarely seen as it takes a leader to spark an initiative that serves another before the self. When we help another fulfill a wish we grant ourselves the space to fulfill our own. There is nothing more rewarding than building connections through actions done for no reason. It is an act of pure compassion and recognition of likeness beyond differences of any kind. It is the ultimate demonstration of abundance for what can be given to another must first have been grown within our own self. When true abundance is experienced within, peace is a path that appears as the brightest one.

4 – Practice a Dialogue that Unites

Peace building has always been a challenge for humanity because of its inability to relate to someone’s experience other than our own. When we begin to realize that the uniqueness of someone is designed to be the strength of someone’ else’s vulnerability, then we begin to embrace differences as the greatest design for Unity to appear.
In order for this to occur, we must agree, as individuals as well as collective entities to open a dialogue built upon listening and learning more than speaking and preaching.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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