TopGadget WordPress Theme by Magazine3

"TopGadget WordPress Theme by Magazine3"


TopGadget is a WordPress theme for Technology blogs, Gadget websites & Tech News sites. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look professional website and you get maximum exposure to your content.

TopGadget theme has all the things that a successful entertainment website needs.

Innovative Thumbnail Type!

With Thumbnail Type, you can control the look of posts in Homepage. You can have thumbnails in left, right, center, a video or the classic blog post format to show on homepage.

Built-in SEO options

We do have in built SEO options that are necessary for users. However, this theme also supports’s most popular SEO plugins.

Easy Drag & Drop Menu

TopGadget is compatible with WordPress 3.0 Navigation feature. Now you can set your own navigation menu by simply dragging items in Menu.

Theme Control Panel

Now add your logo, customize navigations, setup featured categories & ads in just 5 mins. Long story short, You can setup awesome WordPress website in few minitues.

Automatic Thumbnails

Crops images smartly using native thumbnail option. It is easy to use, fast loading and light on server. Plus it gives you full control on the image to show on homepage.

Advertisment Options

TopGadget has 6 different advertisement placement areas with on/off option, Plus an ad widget for sidebar to add anywhere in sidebar without adding title.

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Amit Verma
He is a CEO and Founder of ModernLifeBlogs & ModernLifeTimes Entrepreneur, Android Fan, Loves Technology, Photography & Spreading Smiles :-)
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  1. drew says:

    Don’t buy any of these themes. Go to if you want to get quality coded theme that works the way its supposed to. If you by chance get a bad one they will credit your balance for you to be able to purchase another one.

    RSS feed was missing on the meta desc he advertises magazines3 and you pay him extra to keep that off from the footer of your theme.

    Had to put in 6 tickets with in the last couple of days because

    1. No RSS feed. What good is a blog without a rss feed for seo?

    2. Theme doesn’t work with wordpress seo by yoast. Still haven’t gotten that fixed correctly.

    3. Can’t edit permalinks had to submit a ticket for that.

    I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture.

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