Soulful Eating Habits to Help You Get Back in Shape

"Soulful Eating Habits to Help You Get Back in Shape"Good health has become one of the first wishes everyone shares on their New Year resolution list and for a good reason. Most of us have indulged in chocolate, butter and who knows what other tasty food that makes the mouth drool with our own childhood memories. While these mouth-pleasing delicacies support the spirit of the season they do not serve our waist line or our overall sense of well-being. However, let’s not give guilt one moment of our precious life and instead let’s find ways to get back in shape after the holiday excess with joy, fun and creativity!

Here are 3 tips to invite a healthy lifestyle to walk with you throughout your next 365 days!

{The structure of the French Eating Habits}

French have a way with food that seems to be working when it comes to healthy lifestyle. Although butter, chocolate and bread are all important parts of our daily routine, somehow it does work all year long also. The way the french day is organized may be what works so well. Here is a little wisdom through which, we, French, structure our daily eating habits. Breakfast: Eat like a King. Lunch: Eat like a Prince. Dinner: Eat like a Poor.

{Food is to the body what thoughts are to the mind}

Food is a source of energy for our body just like thoughts are fuels for the mind. What you give to your body will determine what your body looks like and what it feels like.  Be selective with your food not because of what it costs nor how fast you can get it but more so how nourishing for the body/mind and spirit it truly is. Who you wish to be can be seen in your plate. Choose health. Choose well-being. Choose Life.

{Size matters, Diversity Answers}

The common sense of “size matters” is true with food and health as well as being creative with the way we choose to nurture our body and life. As a French, I had never heard of “portion control” but more so I know food diversity. The most amazing thing about living here, in Austin, is that food diversity is available in every grocery store. Learn to diversify your plate by bringing new vegetables, experiencing new spices, cooking new recipes, sharing new cuisine. To dare the new and invite innovative ways to take over our eating habits is to say no to boredom and yes to building a health-rich lifestyle.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Hi Aline,

    Thanks for this post. I agree wholeheartedly. One of my favorite sources on this subject is writer Karen Le Billon, author of French Kids Eat Everything. She has a good blog:
    Here’s to a happy and nourishing new year!! :)

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