On Superheroes Montessori Perspectives

"On Superheroes Montessori Perspectives"

All Children reveal the Miracle of Life from the moment of their birth on Earth. All children are born Superheroes with Hidden Inner Powers:  their first breath of air is powered with Love, Kindness, Inner Strength, Courage, Truth, Innocence, Peace, and Harmony! Yet, we have created the stories about fictitious heroes with supernatural external powers and we take our kids to watch movies about them, we buy them actions figures and encourage them to aspire and dream to be Superman, Hulk, Elasticity or Invisible girl. Why? Our children are already Superheroes with Incredible Inner Powers!

“Human Consciousness comes into this world as a flaming ball of imagination.” ~ Maria Montessori

All these thoughts came rushing like an avalanche today, when a 7 years old girl in our small Montessori school in the heart of Texas shared with her friends that if she could be a Superhero, her Power would be Being Kind! How very beautiful, extraordinary and unique! Imagine that! Imagine your very own children at home, holding in their hearts the hidden Inner Power of being SUPER Kind each and every day!

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ The Dalai Lama

To tell you the truth, I have a confession to make: I was born a Superhero too! I was blessed with the Inner Power of Love! I still have got that power and so do you! Just imagine that! The joy of being able to feel, receive and give away Love for all of Life in the whole wide world, in the whole wide Universe each and every minute every day! Would you still inspire your child to dream he can fly like Superman if you were 100 % certain that your child already can fly faster than the speed of light with his Power of Love and touch the hearts of all and everyone all over the world?

“Of All Things Love is the Most Potent!” ~ Maria Montessori

A friend of mine was born a superhero too and she’s got the Power of Inner Strength! And so do you! Your Inner Strength comes from being you, the true and truest you! That friend of mine, you see, she trusts herself each and every second of her life and she knows that she could do anything simply by keeping being herself! If you could trust yourself completely and unconditionally, would you still dream of owning the Super Strength of Hulk or Mystique’s Power of Shape Shifting and transforming her body into anybody else?

"Miracle Baby"

“We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think …. with our thoughts we make the world.” ~ Siddhartha

Another friend of mine has got the Power of Truth! Imagine the freedom she feels living from a place of truth every millisecond of her life! Would you really need to be The Invisible Man or the Invisible Girl if you had nothing to hide because you were talking and walking your Truth with every breath you take?

“The Truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it Loose. It will defend itself.” ~ St. Augustine

Now on a second thought, I think I’ve got the Power of Smiling too …… and so do you, and you, and you, and you! Imagine that! And now just imagine all the googolplex of living creatures in the whole wide world smiling all together at the same time …….. Now that would be The Ultimate Superhero Power ….. And the beauty of it all is that all and everyone are born with it!

“Peace begins with a Smile.” ~ Mother Teresa

Silvia Smith
She is a passionate advocate of Montessori Education and the founder of Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway.

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