How to Enhance your Well-Being through Self-Awareness

"How to Enhance your Well-Being through Self-Awareness"Health and well-being are treasures that we must nurture day in and day out. While our lifestyle may not always give priorities for disciplined healthy habits, there is great wisdom in finding ways to bring awareness to our health and maintain it with joy. Health, although very frequently related to the body, encompasses many more dimensions within the human being. Mental sharpness, emotional sensitivity, spiritual connection and physical vitality are all unique and yet intertwined senses of well-being.

Seemingly separated they are all perfectly united as one and when each of them find its own equilibrium, then the whole finds its ultimate sense of alignment. Here is a little”How-to” curriculum to help you bring awareness to each of your dimensional states – Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical – so that you easily re-activate your maximum energetic potential through conscious dimensional re-alignment.

Mental Sharpness

Our mind demands a constant amount of stimulation to keep its edge. Its ability to remain sharp depends upon its capacity for openness, curiosity and the mastery of mindful evolution that is the subtle dance between holding on and letting go. Be daring, keep learning, question your certainties, embrace the unknown, invite change, etc… There is no greater mind than one that has room to grow and time to reflect without judgment. Train your mind to seek your Truth, Give your thoughts a path to follow where your existential questions melt into your self-understanding.

Emotional Sensitivity

Our emotional dimension is very subtle and very volatile. What we feel is a direct feedback of who we are, in the moment. To bring awareness to our feelings is to communicate with our higher-self. We become a channel for life to move through us, from subtle to dense. While the emotional language is our soul preferred language, modern society has reduced it to a mute muse and created a sense of disconnection between mind and heart. This disconnection creates an energetic leak that ultimately lowers our sense of well-being. Listen to your emotions and discern their messages. Once you give them your whole attention, learn to let them go.

Spiritual Connection

Life fuels those who seek to meet her. When we open to our spirituality, we offer a sacred path for our experience to be connected to its source. A spiritual practice may or may not be linked to religious practices. Indeed, Life, itself, is a spiritual path. When we become aware of that very truth, we begin to commune with life the way life commune with us. We become a conscious channel for life, it naturally energizes us, bringing a sense of alignment within.

Physical Vitality 

The physical body is the most dense dimension amongst all of our states of being-ness. It should be, somehow, easier to care for it, because it is the most tangible part of who we are. The one we see and feel the most. To nurture the body with a balance regimen of healthy food and appropriate physical training, we can ensure that our physical body becomes the perfect recipient for our light-source. It takes great will-power and a conscious awareness of our purpose to care for the body in the most divine way. To care for the body is to act from joy, pleasure and not from resentment, guilt or shame. Our body is worth our Sacred Self and vice versa. Taking care of one is taking care of the other. No dissociation, they are both, one and the same.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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