Facebook should not be your Call to Promote Business Online

"Facebook should not be your Call to Promote Business Online"Social media has bought about a revolution in the ways people connect. Friends and family are able to connect, even if miles away and share relevant information. A great social mode of communication, Facebook is not as effective in promoting online business, as though about.

Below are listed some of the prime reasons why social media site as Facebook should not be used to promote online business.

1.) Facebook does not own a business owner anything

Business owners often concentrate on building a page on Facebook for business promotion. One may receive a number of ‘Likes’ for the page and the content or the idea being shared. However, contrary to what one might think, it is not necessary that all the ‘likes ‘ one receives for the page will translate into business. You may end up conversing with people and sharing your ideas but all of them will not turn into potential customers. This way one ends up loosing valuable time that could have been devoted for business promotion through other mediums.

2.) People use Facebook for connecting

An imperative point on which business owners hardly pay any attention is that people use Facebook for connecting with friends and family. A person’s prime motive to use this medium of social communication is to connect with friends and family and they share their feelings through sharing of photographs and messages. This leaves little scope for attention diversion that any business owner might be seeking through promotion of their content and business ideas. You will be wasting your efforts and money if you concentrate all your business efforts in posting your business advertisements on Facebook only. A logical idea is to have a judicious mix and segregate the advertisements across the spectrum of social media sites, not focusing on Facebook alone.

3.) Do not make Facebook your home base

Online business promotion through social media websites as Facebook has become popular in recent times but one should not concentrate all efforts on promoting business through Facebook only. You will end up losing a major share of your revenue, in case you decide to make Facebook your home base.

Depending upon Facebook to receive your customer’s feedback can backfire and you will end up loosing business. A more viable option could be having a dedicated business promotion module in place and using Facebook as an additional optional tool for business promotion.

4.) Facebook does not work well for all businesses

If one is in the business of technology promotion as selling cellphones or notebooks, social media website as Facebook can bring fortunes. Youngsters who have a special fancy for technology gadgets mostly use these social media websites. However, the same medium of online business promotion can backfire if one is into a traditional business as content management or agricultural consultancy. People who hardly find time for social networking use these services. You can end up loosing your customer base and will be giving your opponents an upper hand.

Keep these aspects in mind and use Facebook in a judicious manner for business promotion.

Alyssa Clarke
She is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She enjoys writing on tech-health related articles the most. She contributes in Next Financial Group


  1. Ash Zuberi says:

    Totally disagree, my business is property, have gained numerous connections and sales through Facebook, where do you get your info from!? Its not about the likes you get but the conversation you have, building a relationship with your customers and potential JV partners! Totally unfounded observation.

    • Not sure where the author of this post got the info to substantiate the claims; however, even just a brief search about facebook and business conversion will tell you that there is a very, very weak correlation. GM most famously pulled $30M in advertising from fb because they found out the hardway that Likes do not come even close to equalling to sales. Sure, building relationships with customers through dialogue may be helpful, but that is very time consuming and costly and may not be the best ways for a business to promote growth. Besides, have you noticed how facebook won’t even let you fully engage your page followers unless you pay to promote your posts? Completely ridiculous. I have over 13K followers and if I don’t promote a post, roughly only 50 or so will be shown the post. No thanks. I’m now trying to build a like following on twitter instead.


      BTW, I found this post via a twitter retweet. Also, in para 1), I’m not sure but I think you mean facebook doesn’t owe not own a business owner anything. Well, may fb does own us after all. :)

      Good post.

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  3. You’re right on point here!

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