6 Practical Tips For Building Relationships & Establishing Trust With Social Media

6 Practical Tips For Building Relationships & Establishing Trust With Social MediaSocial media marketing is surrounded by many different wrong approaches that have created lots of failure for most businesses in the ever changing world of online marketing. It’s obvious that everyone wants more cash in their pockets, but how many people are using the right methods to achieve their financial goals, how they are getting Facebook fans or Twitter followers then converting them to their potential customers?

Social media is not yet another platform for engulfing fans and customers with unending product promotions that leave them regretting why they started following you in the first place. Rather, it’s a gainful opportunity for building lasting relationships and absolute trust between you and your customers.

This is the right approach, and the benefits it has in store for those who adhere to this approach is astounding. Imagine having a stream of regular customers who would go out of their way to purchase from you, or who visit your website and social media pages regularly because they are certain there’s always some helpful information waiting to be assimilated, as opposed to annoying adverts.

If you are ready to tap into the underlying social media profits the right way, continue reading and find out how you can start building good relationships and trust using this medium.

1. Have a posting schedule: Starting with the most evident which is definitely not the most important but still pivotal, posting consistently is imperative for building relationships – and having a posting schedule will improve your consistency. It is easy to attract followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, etc. but keeping them is impossible with silence or inactivity.

Apart from the fact that active involvement is indicative of your seriousness towards winning the hearts of your fans and customers, it also keeps them coming back. When you tweet or update your fan page regularly, your followers learn about your brand faster, and if you are doing things right, the trust also develops faster as a consequence.

2. Be distinctive and honest: Starting with distinctiveness, customers and funs will begin trusting your brand when your messages and methods are distinctive, rather than being similar to the hundreds they have seen. Your funs have to remember you always, so you have to be unique in order to give them something to remember about your brand.

With regard to honesty, don’t be eager to delete every single unfavorable comment you get on social networks or even on your website. Bring them to light instead and resolve them openly. You never know how advantageous it can be for establishing trust! Ask your followers for recommendations on how you can improve your products and services and implement the practical responses you receive.

3. Answer those questions immediately: Questions are inevitable and answers to questions are what many costumers seek. But some customers are hesitant to ask questions because they know they’ll have to wait before getting a reply. However, some customers instinctively prefer asking questions on social media platforms because they believe they’ll get a faster response.

If you answer questions quickly and you don’t ignore them, it will give customers the assurance that that they will always find a solution to any problem they encounter, and quickly too, and this consequently increases trust in your brand.

4. Provide useful content and limit the promotions: There is nothing worse than disappointment and a group of disappointed customers can destroy your brand’s reputation or at least, you’ll just lose them and your chances of developing a relationship with them will become slim or nil. So how can you avoid disappointing your customers?

Minimize the promotions. Don’t always talk about how useful your products are. Instead, provide valuable tips and information, guides, best practices, etc. in the form of videos, text, pictures, and infographics. If you can, run contests too.

5. Begin interesting conversations: Has anyone said anything interesting about your brand on Twitter or Facebook? Did you turn the comment into a conversation? Believe it or not, conversations create trust and build relationships, especially when your care and concern for your customers show through your responses.

6. Extend budding relationships to social networks: I’ve been talking only about relationships with customers and fans since the beginning of this post. Relationships with influential business owners that aren’t in direct competition with your business is essential too. Whenever you meet people in your niche, check if they have a social profile and engage them in regular conversations.

Share ideas with them and let them do the same and watch how strong your relationship with them will become and the effect it will have on your business.

If you find it difficult implementing these tips, shift your focus from the number of followers you have to the number of loyal followers you have. That’s what’s most important. I hope you found these tips practical, because they really are, and their effectiveness is only limited by your seriousness in applying them.

GogaGoga Smith  is an internet marketing specialist and blogger. She writes about tips, tricks and Twitter marketing. Also Goga is the blogger at Followersshop.com, where you can buy Twitter followers.

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  1. Smart tips here Goga!

    Build relationships through social media by being a friend. Simple and direct way to connect with like-minded people on sites like Facebook and twitter.

    Engage frequently to build trust. Chatting shows that you are a listener, and listeners prove that they are out their, tuning into problems, truly caring for the people on the other end of the conversation.


  2. Shannon Baker says:

    These are really great tips for those new to social media and great reminders to those that have been using social media for a little while! Too many people focus on the number of followers and fans instead of engaging with people to build relationships.

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