5 Ways to go Green with Office Storage

"5 Ways to go Green with Office Storage"Offices and businesses of the 21st century are constantly confronted with a simple reality: the economical world and the natural environment must learn to co-exist in order to sustain each other. While this revelation has become a truth for many and many initiatives have sparked everywhere to implement sustainable ways to make business with a green vision.

It is always a great idea to remind ourselves about a few simple steps to take to experience harmony between our competitive money-market and our organic fragile eco-system. Here are 5 basic reminders to help you go green with your office storage products.

1- Bring awareness to Eco-Friendly and recyclable storage products

A company that supports a clean environment begins by designing and decorating a workplace with eco-friendly furnitures as well as investing in equipments and . Become aware of your expenses and realize the choices you make when it comes to your overall office purchases. Bringing awareness to the environment is an initiative that has the power to shift an entire work space. The greater the work force finds itself in osmosis with its environment (organic fabrics, natural materials, recyclable office supplies, etc…), the greater the capacity to create a team coherence in the vision of implementing a conscious environmental friendly work space.

2 – Implement Incentives for employees

Create a list of recyclable office storage with a clear understanding about the brand, the use, the recycling program to which it belongs, where to order or purchase them. Reward your employees with respect of Green initiative standards. Establish a strong green ethic relationship between your different departments. Create a Green Employee of the Month Program.

3 – Choose suppliers with a strong green ethic

When you shop for your office supplies, go to the source. Find out about the green ethic of your suppliers and make yourself a part of the Green chain through which your way of functioning is in correlation with your vision of eco-friendly environment from beginning to end. This will give consistency to your image of a green business and carry a strong message about your modus operandi when it comes to relationship and connection.

4 – Reuse your ink and toner cartridges

A simple green action with office products is the reusability of ink cartridges. The initiative of big ink cartridge suppliers must be supported by those who purchase and use them. Drop off centers have mushroomed everywhere to ease the process. It takes about 80% less energy to remanufacture plastic that to produce it new! This is a basic yet sustainable solution that costs nothing to implement and provides a gain in every green purpose!

5 – Invest in digital and virtual solutions

Virtuality has brought the word of business with a long-lasting solution for waste of office products. Indeed there was a time when rims of paper and high expenses in office supplies were needed to run a business, now the digital era is giving a way for business to expand while saving.

Expanding their vision and exposure and saving on all front by cutting the expenses of their traditional supplies and reinvesting in another kind of office products, more adequate for the innovative technology world we have entered. Look into digital solutions, softwares and virtual simplification to give your Green WorkPlace Initiative a boost!

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