5 Musical Inspirations to turn Life into a Symphony

"5 Musical Inspirations to turn Life into a Symphony"A symphony is an elaborate instrumental composition of grand musical proportions and powerful artistic resonance. What else should life be but the result of such a mastery?

Life in the fast lane doesn’t always leave room for the stress-free lifestyle that we all dream to experience. While it isn’t impossible to do, it takes discipline, artistry and a twist of magic to turn days of routine into a life of harmonious memories.

When we forget that choices are what separates the strident from the melodious or the discordant from the tuned-in, here are 5 music-inspired tips that will help you reconcile the notes brought by your life and the way you choose to play them.

1 – Love Crescendo

Life expands as love grows. Let your life unfolds in the louder and louder inner-voice of your soul. Guidance will be provided, signs will be sent, coincidences will be noticed and synchronicity will become meaningful. As you begin to feel the connection to the strings, like a violin, or familiarize your ear to the sound of your inner-sense of harmony, remember to trust your soul and follow your heart, especially when your mind lost track of the road and tries to convince you to stop moving forward or even to turn back from where you came.

2 – Find your Key

The key signature determines the uniqueness of the piece. Like a musical piece, you are an amazing evolution with a unique key signature. While this was given as a birthright, remember that your life has been offered as a way to define this very key signature. Spend time and energy to narrow down what makes you different, what sets you apart, what makes you remarkable and what makes you shine.

3 – Embrace your notes

Notes are the single moments co-created by you and your environment. Each represents a essential part of the whole and all must be given the place they deserve with the dynamic level they truly hold. Not only does the dynamic level provides a depth to the composition, but it also gives it the subtle and yet charismatic presence to the piece.

4 – Value Silence

Silence is a moment that may reflect a sense of temporary monotony for the mind yet it holds a matchless and eternal truth made of equilibrium. Without silence, the passionate life would be un-remarkable and  absolutely frantic. Treasure the times during which life gives you much to breathe, rest and relax as they are the guardians of your sanity and the beholders of your inner-voice.

5 – Be a Composer

There is no one, outside of your own creative genius, with the talent to compose your own life. Your symphony belongs to your Truth and your Truth can only be accessed from your soul. Envision your piece, feel your notes, rearrange your melody as you go, find inspiration within and around you, define your style, determine your rhythm, perform as you are, etc… Let the music that exists within you become the symphony others feel.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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