4 Ways to Neutralize Negative Thinking

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4 Ways to Neutralize Negative ThinkingCommunication has always been, is and will always be at the heart of the human experience. When people find ways to express themselves and share with each other, they find ways to learn and grow together. Unfortunately, the nature of this physical duality tends to also bring communicative experiences that create disconnection, separation, misunderstanding and conflict. While this isn’t always possible to let positivity and optimism win the moment, neutralizing the negative vibration is always at reach and can result in lowering a great amount of daily stress.

To learn how to redirect negative thinking into place where it doesn’t affect the self is the first step in building Peace. Here are 4 ways to neutralize negative thinking and help you soothe your life.

1 – Disengage

The art of communication is based on what is listened, what is heard, what is meant and what is accepted. Listening prevents much of conflictual moments because it allows the mind to take the time to realize the dichotomy between what is being said and what is being meant. Learn to disengage from the words your mind may hear and attach the significance to the intention that your heart feel.

2 – Dissolve

Thoughts are ethereal manifestations of Life. They come and go just like the flow of a river. While the flow may leave part of its water along the shore, it also allows most of it to keep flowing further or eventually evaporate in the air. Our thinking process is a flow and we are the ones in control of where the substance settles. The greater awareness we bring to the flow and the more potential we have in dissolving what can settle in our reality and what doesn’t serve us and must be diffused and transformed. We must learn how to let go of what does not nurture our soul so that it has a chance to be metamorphosed into something that enrich It.

3 – Dismiss

Negative thinking, whether it is towards our own self, directed to another or coming from another, is a way for life to remind us that we have misaligned our Truth and our reality. When that happens, then we must be willing to dismiss what created the derailment  at the first place. Go to the cause of your negative thinking and dismiss the fear related to it.  Instead, bring awareness to the Love that exists beyond. Be willing to dismiss what is not aligned with your sense of happiness, your sense of peace and your sense of Love.

4 – Discern

While the nature of Life is unity, our human way to experience it is dual and perceptions become paths where the mind can easily get lost while seeking for the Truth. To learn to discern perceptions from Truths is such a powerful way to recenter the moment and detach from the negative feelings that may be felt. Perceptions can potentially lead to negative thinking while Truth never does. The ability to go past the mere perception enable the heart to be involved in pulling the Truth to the mind’s awareness and neutralize negative thinking through bringing significance to the simple truth of the now.

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