4 Secrets of the Body-Mind-Spirit Alchemy

4 Secrets of the Body-Mind-Spirit AlchemyWhen the 21st century started, humanity walked a path where our consciousness was inviting our mind to seek a new kind of relationship. A relationship that doesn’t involve different beings interacting with each other but more so separate selves cooperating within the same being.  The complexity of the human being expanded from its physical, physiological and mechanical aspects only to its spiritual, mental and emotional and physical synergistic system altogether.

We were all, subtly, led to reconsider our own individual being as an entire universe where our personal sense of reality was the creation of a perceptive puzzle filtered through the inner-layers of what makes us whole. Since then, the beautiful self that each of us represents, has been awakening to the realization that we are energy beings experiencing life in its most dense form in a setting called physicality. The transformation between the ethereal and the dense is an alchemical path through which we move from a light intangible form into a light definite one. To grasp an understanding into this alchemy is to empower the self with a way to connect our truth to our reality.

This is the ultimate path of the master and the walk of the wise. Here are 4 secrets of the Body/Mind/Spirit alchemy. Each gives us a glimpse into the most delicate yet most beautiful connection of all: our own connection to Life.

1 – Alchemy of senses (Emotional)

Our senses are powerful feedback concepts that provide us with the closest data to journey into Life so that our being can relate to its reality. The combination of all senses is the ultimate sensory experience where the being, in the now, can organize its perception from what it feels. The merging of all senses into one moment grants the mind with the ability to apply the best picture to what isn’t seen. From no-seen to all-seen, the great emotional alchemy is the magic that moves feelings into matter.

2 – Alchemy of understandings (Mental)

Thoughts are powerful, creative and intricately intertwined with our emotional, spiritual and physical selves. The greatest secret of the mental dimension is summed up in understanding. Understanding is the most structured level of conscious awareness. It is the pulling into density of what cannot be fathomed. The secrets to its alchemy is the element of awareness. The thinking process is the strongest bridge between what we are and how we experience it. Awareness is the secret that guards what enters in the subconscious. Let’s empower it and truly become true catalyst to our conscious reality.

3 – Alchemy of proprioception (Physical)

Proprioception is the sense of the relative neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. It is one’s own individual perception linked to the body sensations. It is a feedback mechanism from the body through the body to the body. Although it seems as if the body, alone, commands the system so that it can balance, move and adjust, it requires, also, a behind-the-scene support. The secret is the learning of the subtle communication between the body and the mind through sensory feedbacks. Associating a particular sensorial information coming from an inside sensation in relation to an outside environment and vice versa is the preferred channel of communication for consciousness.

4 – Alchemy of intuition (Spiritual)

Intuition is a language. Most of the time, it is a lost language that has been, like Sanskrit, forgotten from the mass while remaining the most ancient ways for Humanity to communicate and relate to itself.

The great secret to intuition is listening and the deepest core of this truth is silence. The most amazing dichotomy for the mind where what seems to be silence is, indeed, filled with information, guidance and truth. When this source becomes the trusted one, then the emotional, mental and physical dimensions, naturally realign to it and effortlessly flows with purpose and meaning. Let’s listen deeper. Let’s be willing to let go of inessential words so that essential wisdom becomes the loudest of all the “yet-To-Remember” mystery.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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