SOBikini – Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season

"SOBikini - Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season"

This time of year brings on the stress of gaining a few pounds because it’s the holiday eating season. Every party attended from now until the end of the year will have appetizers, entrees and desserts loaded with calories. When it comes to trying to stay in balance and maintain your weight during the holiday season, be realistic.

Start with planning time to exercise. Exercise reduces the holiday stress through the endorphins that the body with create and it will helps maintain your current weight. Start simple, like with a brisk walk in the mornings and evenings for 15-20 minutes.

Enough to get your heart rate up and you metabolism a boost! Another good tip would be to not skip meals before going to a party. Also, eat until satisfied and not stuffed like the turkey. Eating a small snack before heading off to a holiday party helps avoid temptation to over-indulge. If it is a pot-luck style party, bring a healthy dish, chances are, everyone will appreciate it!

Here are some ways to practice healthy holiday cooking:

  1. When making gravy, refrigerate the gravy to harden the fat. Once hardened you can skim off the fat and this could save you 56 mg of fat per cup!!
  2. Stuffing can be a heavy, calorie buster if prepared with a lot of bread. Try to use less bread and more onions, garlic, celery and vegetables!
  3. Did you know that a roasted turkey breast without the skin saves 11 g of saturated fat per 3 oz servings!?!
  4. Leave the whole milk at the store. When making mashed potatoes use skim or fat-free milk!

With these SOBikini healthy tips for the holiday season, enjoy the holiday season guilt-free. Plan time for activity, try some new healthy holiday recipes and enjoy a bite of holiday favorites instead of devouring the entire dish!

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Susan Irby
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