Interview with Marc Coluccio Co-Founder of Connect.Me

"Interview with Marc Coluccio Co-Founder of Connect.Me"

Connect.Me helps people and businesses get the most out of their social reputation. Connect.Me is the first app of the Respect Network, a P2P cloud network that puts users back in control of their digital identities, reputation, and data. When users join Connect.Me, they are protected by our ground-breaking Trust Framework and award winning data privacy policy.

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Interview with Marc Coluccio 

"Marc Coluccio"

Marc is a business executive with more than 10 years in B2B & B2C strategy, product development and sales experience gained while running high growth, early stage companies in the high-tech and consumer goods industries.

His versatile background includes; raising startup and growth capital, building brands for products in highly competitive industries, penetrating markets with new products against entrenched competitors and transforming product centric companies into solution selling organizations that deliver positive and measurable results.

Marc lives in Seattle and has a BA from the University of Washington and an MBA from INSEAD. Marc has also been certified by Microsoft, Cisco Systems and the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute.

1). What is Connect.Me?

Connect.Me is a social directory where people can show how trusted they are and grow their reputation. Their reputation makes them searchable within the directory, so if you are looking for a trusted web designer, social media consultant or photographer, you can easily find them on Connect.Me.

2). When you got this idea to create this platform and when all this started?

The founders of the company have been involved in promoting online trust for years and wanted to create a network that made it real. Connect.Me is part of a larger network called the Respect Network, where users are in control. This is a revolution in the social business model, see below:

3). What makes Connect.Me different?

No tracking. No data mining. Just trust. Instead of selling your data like most social web apps, Connect.Me helps you get the value of your social data and reputation

4). How this platform build a layer of trust for the social web?

It is based on 5 simple principals you can see here: Our Trust Framework won the EIC privacy award last year because it stands for what users deserve, control and ownership of their personal data.

5). What benefits online users get from

The first place to truly show how trusted you are and get the benefit of it. Connect.Me helps users get discovered for their skills, expertise and interests. Get new clients, improve your job prospects, and meet interesting like-minded people, all while growing your personal reputation.

Thank you so much Marc Coluccio for your words and your sharing about this great reputation network.

Connect.Me Intro Video

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  1. DebbyBruck says:

    Amit – Congratulations on a wonderful interview with Marc Coluccio. This is a very important part of social networking today and a concern for privacy is upper most in our minds. “No tracking. No data mining. Just trust. Instead of selling your data like most social web apps, Connect.Me helps you get the value of your social data and reputation.”

    • Amit Verma says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading the post and the info. Yes Connect.Me is awesome service to get info about people and their trust level. In social media networks thats very difficult to get info about people what they say is true or not so by this service we easily get to know and connect with others.

      Thanks for your comments. Have a great day ((Hugs))