How to Reconnect to the Sacred Within

"How to Reconnect to the Sacred Within"

There are sacred geographical locations in the world that the collective consciousness has anchored as strong energetic blueprints and that allows people who live there as well as visitors, tourists and  seekers of the truth to feel the presence of the Divine.

Each space vibrates with an individual energetic code woven over the course of human history through the intertwined web of emotional universal memories.

Although, it is undeniable that it can be sensed to the core of our being int his wonderful and far away places,  there is no need to start a quest to feel the Love of Rumi or plan a pilgrimage in the Sacred Temples of Egypt to remember the blueprint of Thoth.

The blueprint of these spaces is encoded in the universal memory of the heart. Our individual soul holds the precious treasure and ensures that we carry it everywhere we are. The genius is to reconnect with our essential self and naturally allow it to absorb our moments with the nature of the being that inhabits us.

Here are a little method to help you remember how to embrace the energy of the world’s sacred sites in the comfort of your own home.

The sacred is an inside job.

It is a complex yet simple state of being given to everyone to vibrate within the moment. Complex because the human mind must yield its need to understand and simple because the heart already knows the path. Let go of the veil of your thoughts and open to the memory of your sense of knowingness.

Do not be scared of the Sacred.

The Sacred is hidden, subtle, unknown, unfathomable and undefined. These are enough “mindful” reasons to avoid it from an ego-self’s point of view. Therefore, the journey must be led by another part of yourself. The one who fears not and who judges. The child is the wise traveler that knows curiosity has a faithful companion and wonder as a master.

Do your research with your heart.

Follow your bliss. Cliche, you may say and yet, maybe for a reason. The essential energy to which your being seek connection is linked to a outer place located in the world. The mystics have written: “As above so below”. What you need inside can be found out there and vice versa. Therefore, be aware of your desire to travel to a certain location and research the sacred history linked to it. There is a clue to your self-growth. Your desire always leads you to your path back to yourself.

Your imagination is powerful.

Once your heart has opened the dance, let your mind become part of the show and use your imagination to guide you in the memory of the sacred site that is enclosed within your soul. Let your feelings guide your steps and let yourself build a bridge between what you essential wish to remember about yourself and the memory that your heart has always known.

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