5 Ways to grow your Business with your Smartphone

"5 Ways to grow your Business with your Smartphone"

Mobiles have become the preferred tools of communication for both, business and economy worlds. Their accessibility, connectivity and interactivity provide one of the most reliable supports for sharing, exchanging, selling, buying, connecting, evaluating, helping and more. The smartphone answers the most basic business needs as much as it can do marketing magic with innovative technology.

Learn how to grow your business, expand your potential and increase your reach by simply using your smartphone.

1 – 0800 numbers

0800 numbers have expanded numerous businesses by offering a branding strategy and a direct response tool in advertising. Using the genius of “phone word”, the simplicity of a phone number has become an easy way to be noticed, unique and memorable. Inexpensive and reliable, the toll free label is a stress-free way to help you bring a sense of integrity to your business.

2 – Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, etc. when it comes to social platforms, the list is non-exhaustive. Their success has been unmistakably proven and no one truly knows where it ends. The easiness and the user-friendly use of these tools give your business an advantage for marketing, connection and exposure.

3 –  Mobile compatible

Your website has a window on your computer and this is great but giving it a life on your smartphone is genius. Bringing your virtual world in the palm version allows your clientele to be connected to you everywhere with consistency in your display. To become smartphone compatible is an easy way to boost your site letting your client know that you care for their user-experience.

4 – SMS coupons and special promotion

A phone is the ultimate marketing recipient as its owner is, most of the time, looking at it. Using text messaging advertising as a ay to reach your clientele is a friendly way to keep in touch with them without going through their email service. Direct and fast, it has great potential when used with care and diligence.

5 – Mobile Chat Live Assistance

When your phone becomes an extension of your business, your customer service expands. With the Live chat assistance capability, your customers can reach you anywhere and anytime. Mobile chat solutions provide a ratio quality/service that enhance your customer’s experience through immediate care and dynamic live interactions.

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