5 Tips to Maximize your Leadership Skills

"5 Tips to Maximize your Leadership Skills"

Leadership values the best in us. It vibrates with our sense of responsibility and our faculty to respond to Life with the most adequate attitude. While books about leadership are written and stories about success are shared, there are simple yet mind-blowing tips that can be used, by you, now, to maximize your own leadership aptitude.

Before unfolding them to you, it is important to realize one very essential point about leadership. Leadership is a way to experience Life from the deepest truth that is felt and known within. It has nothing to do with intellectual capability but more so it has everything to be with intelligent interactivity between the world within and the world outside.

Leadership is the ultimate space where humanity connects with humanity through the heart. While it seems to have been valued in a business and corporate environment, leadership is first and foremost, a personal and individual relationship to self.

Dust your belief system about leadership with these 5 tips to maximize your inner-strength and experience charisma through presence.

1). Know Yourself

The greater you uncover who you truly are, the brighter you reveal your Truth. Self-discovery isn’t an easy path and yet, beyond all odds, those who have sought their inner-strength have found it hidden behind the outside labels and away from societal pressures. Once, you can respect yourself because you know yourself, your power expands exponentially through presence. Whoever is seeking to build his/her leadership talent, must be willing to find the individual magic that lies within and must find the courage to dare live by it. Introspection is the tool of the leader whose vision about the world stands because the truth about him/herself is clear.

2). Be a Servant

Only through service can you experience the true meaning of Life. Only through benevolence can you polish your greatness. ~Aline
Serving the self is essential for grounding, serving all is necessary for expansion. Service is the ultimate experience of interconnectedness with all that is. When you are able to recognize, value and strengthen the bridges that link us all, you are able to raise your individual energy-field so that you become an instrument for the collective energy-field. From you, through all, and back to you. Your inner-field begins the process and is expanded through all and comes back to you.

3). Lead with your Heart

The empowerment provided by a leader originates from the heart. It is a soulful connection that feeds on the essential energy source. The intellect has no power in leading for it only follows instructions. The mind is an executive director, it isn’t a visionary entrepreneur. The soul, connected to the ultimate source of Life and all-knowingness, represents the CEO of your life and therefore the one holding the true lasting power. Trust your heart, follow your intuition. Learn the language of your soul and feel the guidance that has never left you and will never leave you. Once you can experience this for yourself, you become a faithful follower of Life and consequently a true leader for it.

4). Your deeds are your words

When words and actions become one, then truth and Life become clear. While there may be one ultimate Truth, sought by the mystics, this point #4 invites you to find your truth and systematically live by it. Align your choices with your feelings and speeches. Live your actions and let others put words on it. Let your legend be told not from your words but, more so, from your sweat, your smiles or your tears. Your integrity isn’t made of words shared but of days spent in revealing your Truth without compromising it. The only way to be trusted, established, valued and known as an authority is to embody these values, first.

5). Compassion in communication

Love is at the center of true leadership and because it is, compassion becomes its brightest voice. Listening to yourself allows you to learn how to listen to another. Being compassionate to yourself enables you to reach out to another. Showing yourself kindness gives you a way to connect through kindness with others. The path is simple. What you are able to do for yourself is what you know you can share. Learn your own way to build love within and others will naturally follow your lead. Care for your own well-being and people will know that what you have to share comes from what you had to learn and know.

Each and every inspiring leader was, once, a humble one with a path to build and a greatness to realize. ~Aline

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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