5 Steps To Master Super Creativity

"5 Steps To Master Super Creativity"

Creativity is exploding everywhere. While technology has given many ways to share new talents and brilliant visions, another factor, more subtle, has become an essential part of the expansion of the individual and collective wild creative mind of the 21st century.

This delicate asset is available to all and yet, it requires such a dedication that only few access it. The bridge between being creative and being super-creative is made of essential connections. To master super-creativity is to master the creative process.

To master the creative process is to understand your place in it. Here are the 5 steps to master super-creativity through connecting yourself to each phase of the process. When you make yourself an inherent part of a process, you and the process become one.

1 – Be Curiosity

Creativity is sourced in all-possibilities and curiosity is the way to access the realm of newness. While these words may seem easy to say and write, the concept of opening to inspiration may be more challenging. It is the process by which you must let go of what is familiar and known. It is the space where you must be willing to let go of all certainties. Curiosity is the most natural behavior of the child. S/He discovers by seeking into the new without fearing it. S/He simply opens to it.

2 – Be Possibility

The beginning of super-creativity starts with the birth of a possibility and never ends. Everything ethereal that is felt, believed and known as possible has a chance to become tangible. Your belief system must be set on anchoring a Truth about the reality that has no limitation. Notice the difference between limitation and boundary. Limitation blocks while boundary guides. Know yourself as a source of unlimited potential within structured means (mind).

3 – Be Silence

Silence is a room filled with possibilities. It is pregnant with Life. Your heart is a vortex that draws Life from inside out and to which you are the filter. When you allow silence to exist, you give yourself a way to follow the flow of life that exists within you and wishes to come alive through you. The super-creative mind has an advantage over the creative one: It knows itself as Life itself. It doesn’t need to go anywhere to be creative. It is creativity embodied. Silence provides a space where this memory is alive.

4 – Be Magic

There is Life before magic and there is Life after magic and you are the magic that connects both. To realize your own purpose within the creative process gives you a way to master it. The magic that you must embody is the realization about everything that makes your reality. The magic is all about connecting the dots. When you grow your sense of awareness, you begin to reveal patterns and designs that make you feel guided and ultimately resourceful. There lies your ability to see more while spending less energy.

5 – Be YOU

The truth about super-creative could be summed-up in one word: YOU. You are super-creative in your essence and everything that makes you in but a creative flow embodied in a experience you provide. Claim your Truth. Being super-creative is nothing more than giving yourself permission to let the flow you are become the Life you live. Recognize yourself as the most efficient and powerful creative process that you have ever encountered and you will shift your mind into recognizing that you are. Refrain from letting others define creativity for you. Put your words on what it means for you and give it a voice with every chance you get.

Image Credit : JoyCelayman

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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