5 Reasons to Smile when Life gets Tough

"5 Reasons to Smile when Life gets Tough"

Happiness is precious and days can go on without having felt it at all. While it is real that challenges and obstacles come our way without necessarily warning us about them, they also never come alone. When we begin to look through the appearances with which they dress themselves, we start to recognize possibilities of a design that may had escaped our conscious mind for a moment but that keeps being whispered within our soul and guiding our steps out of darkness and within the light.

When Life gets tough, there are still many reasons to keep feeling hope. It is in the human nature to keep believing in a dream even when days are tough, sea gets rough or spirit gets low. This post is dedicated to all of us who may go temporarily through a low tide of Life, awaiting for the high one to bring back joy, vision and strength.

Here are 5 reasons to remind you how to keep smiling during broken moments, harsh reality-checks and other sharp life lessons :

1 – The Best is always hidden

The first rule of thumb when it comes to hope is to remember that the best is never ahead but more so hidden. One of the greatest mistakes made, when one is feeling down, is to remain at the surface of things instead of diving to truly reconfigure the reality from a deeper and more meaningful perspective. The best is always hidden, awaiting to be discovered. Discoveries happen after the veil that is temporary thrown before the light is being challenged with curiosity and optimism. Be brave enough to dive into the tough so that you can smile again not from what you experience with your eyes but what you feel in your heart.

2 – The Joyful is always given

Joy is never away from us. It may be, at times, removed from our direct emotional field, obstructed, by the ego-mind, filtering the Truth but it is never out of reach. In times of challenge, let’s remind ourselves that Joy is the place where all of our most beautiful memories are engraved and where the heart effortlessly resources with the most essential bliss. To smile is to be one with this center, independently from the circumstances that surrounds it.

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3 – The Grateful is always clever

A little yet, amazingly powerful tip for a forever smile is an attitude of gratitude. It always works at bringing the highest vibrational frequencies of the moment and naturally pulling the spirit upward. Gratitude is pure intelligence in the making. It is a magnet to positivity and the genius it holds is directly linked to the presence of the soul which gives it all of its sense of greatness. Find the gratitude within the moment refraining the ego-mind from judging it but more so to open to it so that it can perceive more of what this moment truly brings.

4 – The Certain is always boring

Here is a mind-blowing smile reminder that tends to be seen as a natural obstacle for the mind who greatly resists to its value: the certain is boring therefore temporary.

The tough, the rough and the dark are spaces that invite us to seek beyond the certain because the Soul, who has chosen our experience, has other fun plans in store and isn’t willing to let us fall for the certain, the comfortable and the known. Consciousness is about the new, the innovative, the creative and the great. Whenever we live a moment of hardness, we must remind ourselves that this is a simple subtle invitation from our soul to accept more fun into our life.

Let’s not settle for the known. Let’s travel into the unfathomable where circumstances may not always bring us a smile but it will always bring us magic… And that should be enough to start to make us smirk a little.

5 – The Master is always obscure

When the smile temporary disappear, the master is close by to teach us the lesson. We must be so close the embodying some wisdom that seriousness may be required through focus and discipline that smiles may not be the most seen but they are the greatest purpose. The smile we do not see on the face today must still be the reason why we live for. Listen to what Life is revealing to you, knowing that smiling is always the reason what it is brought as it stands for the sacred alignment between soul, mind and body. Keep your eyes onto the goal and smile not begin you are happy about your Life but remember to smile because happiness is all that you are.

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Aline Hanle

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