5 Mindful Tips to Travel like a Master

"5 Mindful Tips to Travel like a Master"

Traveling is a way to explore the world, discover unknown territories, meet new cultures , reveal the unfamiliar and more so, it is a way to find ourselves. Whether we choose to book a mediterranean cruise,  get on a plane to an exotic destination or simply drive to an unknown part of town, traveling remains an essential path to connect the dots within our own life.

The simple desire to travel expresses an inner-need to reach out and cross the boundaries of the known into a universe of possibilities with the power to expand the current version of our self. Travel is the daring way; the one that demands the courage to break the dogmas of the known while entering into the wilderness of the yet-to-be-defined.

Here are 5 tips to travel like a master so that your journey, whether inner or outer, becomes extraordinary from beginning to end.

1 – Be open-minded

The mind that travels open, sees more because all the senses are on alert, ready to catch information to create feedbacks, used to reorganize the inner-environment. The open-minded traveler enriches his/her journey by simply allowing life to fully enters in the existing familiar paradigm without fear but more so with a complete sense of faith and a healthy sense of curiosity.

2 – Be peace-minded

While the trip may not always be without challenges, the traveler must learn to travel with peace in his/her mind as well as in his/her heart. Meeting the unknown is challenging the self with great audacity. This temerity can only withstand the flow of trials brought by the new, when anchored in peace and harmony.

3 – Be free-minded

Freedom is a riches by which the traveler gives his/her unconditional receptivity to the outside world and receives an essential presence within his/her own being. The free-spirit journeyer manages to flow through life as well as the world with an attitude of an explorer who dreamed of the impossible and went on an adventure to transform it into the possible.

4 – Be now-minded

The master always travels “essential first-class”. This means that he/she doesn’t let his/her perceptions of life filter the Truth of the moment. What the master sees remains unlabeled until it is experienced. And what is experienced is only in the now. Be aware of what is experienced in the present without bringing memories nor expectations in the equation.

5 – Be love-minded

Traveling, whether it is the world or the heart, is a process by which life moves forward to meet more life. Love is the key that easily unlocks the doors within the mind. When we infuse a little love along the way we find ourselves joyfully encountering the unfamiliar and turning it into a space of opportunity for growth and evolution. Love doesn’t have a power. Love IS the power to travel safely, beautifully, artistically and wisely throughout the storms and sunny sides of life.

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