5 Dreams in Blue with a Mediterranean Taste

"5 Dreams in Blue with a Mediterranean Taste"

The beauty of the mediterranean coasts has been depicted in pictures, poems and legends but there is nothing that can make one feels it unless one chooses to take the experience to the next level and actually go there to live it for real. The mediterranean vibe is one that says and means peace, calmness, essence and authenticity.

Life seems to slow down not to take us back in time but to take into the moment where Truth and Pleasure collides into passion and charm.

Here are 5 dreams in blue that will deliver a taste of a relaxing sanctuary with a twist of traveling glamour.

1 – Turkey

Turkey, with its deep mystical history and its fantastic artistic and architectural richnesses, offers one of the most magnificence dream-place-to-visit of all. Every seeker of Truth and every lover of life wishes to dive into the beauty of this land and enjoy the diversity of its culture. Its coastal area with its temperate Mediterranean climate offers a prime spot to experience a peaceful retreat.

This is no coincidence if many yoga retreats have chosen this destination and if the real estate market has seen a recrudescence of villas for sale in Turkey.

2 – Italy

You simply have to mention Tuscany or the Amalfi coast on the South-eastern side of Italy to pre-melt into pleasure, good food and relaxation. Amazing scenery from a village to another one, mind-blowing landscapes mixing nature’s wonders and man-made artistry, this region can let you forget everything but the breath you were offered to enjoy life.

3 – France

The southern part of France has earned its reputation from its original scent of lavender and its essential rhythm of Life. Life seems to slow down for one reason: people matter and work is only a way to make a living, not a life. The heart of the French mediterranean life anchored in the food, the charm and the artist-mode by which people choose to live. Think dream-relaxation-time and France becomes one of the most idealistic place to experience it.

4 – Tunisia

Resorts in Tunisia are numerous and for a reason: its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries. Amazing tourist attractions in many ways, Tunisia also offers relaxing sanctuaries to resource and relax. People are amazingly friendly and their hospitality is legendary. Many europeans choose this destination as their first choice because of the proximity as well as the fact that Tunisia is now the preferred destination for sea-water therapy.

5 – Spain

The dream of Spain is linked to the unequal lifestyle and its cultural diversity. Make it a fashion trip, a architectural discoveries or an artistic exploration, Spain holds the Mediterranean fragrance of the possible where traditions and contemporary style collide into something unique. Between sun and sangria, Spain, unfolds its treasures as you go along into the beauty of its heritage and its history.

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