10 Austin Based Smartphones App Developers

"10 Austin Based Smartphones App Developers"

Although French native, I have adopted Austin as my home and have done so for many reasons. The first ones being the quality of life and the kindness and hearts of its people.

Austin TX has become one of the most desirable cities in which to live a quality life, work with a vision and grow a business. Indeed, California’s high cost of living has driven companies and visionary entrepreneurs to find a compromise between lifestyle and opportunities. Austin offers just that. Consequently, our city has seen a growing numbers of new IT performant companies settling in the weird vibes of our cowboy oasis.

This post is dedicated to 10 Austin-based smart phone developers who have taken their vision of the 21st century into their own hands to help the world feel connected and alive. They have actually become marketing agencies for the future of our interface communication system bringing people ideas into matter.

Here are 10 Austin-based smart phone developers who you may wish to consider when you feel ready to step into the universe of tech’s most successful stories.

1). DrewCrawforApps 

A Small teams of highly experienced professionals that focus on solving business problems and adding value to customers. We practice iterative, test-driven development, and ongoing customer engagement and dialogue. They provide services for the full software lifecycle and can integrate at any point in any project, from requirements and specification to development to maintenance and support.

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2). Appspire 

Based in Austin, Texas, APPSPIRE.me is a premiere marketing service designed to get mobile applications the maximum downloads possible. With our experience, tools, staff, and creative ingenuity, we have the ability to take a single mobile app from zero downloads per day to thousands.

They have extensive knowledge in mobile application marketing, and we are so confident in our marketing packages that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our management fees*. If you have a mobile app and want a dramatic download increase, easy to understand reporting, and a team that is completely based in the U.S. (no outsourcing overseas)

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3). AgilePoet 

Agile Poet is experienced in the iPhone app development space as well as general software and mobile development, with over 15 years developing software for Fortune 1000 clients and small businesses. They develop for the Android Marketplace, Apple App Store as well as apps for internal corporate use.

Agile Poet is the world’s top passbook development firm. Apple’s Passbook will be great for business, developers and consumers, because it gives us one place to display coupons, loyalty programs and anything else that can be activated via barcode or QR code.

4). Appiction 

IPhone application development philosophy is simple: they produce stellar and innovative IPhone apps that are designed and developed to enhance user experience, engage your customers, and build your mobile brand. They are leaders in Apple IPhone application development.

Their experience and confidence in building professional software designs, developing apps, executing innovative marketing strategies, and leveraging our relationships yields results for all of our customers and partners. they have successfully built mobile apps for many small to medium sized businesses , as well, as for large enterprise clients such as Samsung, IBM and Pernod Ricard.

5). Rocksaucestudios 

Great Apps Start with a Great plan.  Every Rocksauce Studios mobile app starts with the Bleuprint™. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, right? Same rule apply to your app. The BleuPrint ™ means your IPhone app looks like an IPone app, and your Android App feels like an Android app. They know the Human Interface Guidelines for each platform, ensuring your mobile software development is effective, feature-rich and that your app is designed the right way.

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6). MutualMobile 

Harnessing the transformative power of mobile. They create rich user experiences that reinvent how businesses engage the world through mobile. Combining deep design, development, and domain expertise, our custom software solutions help clients connect people, processes, and data, from the back office to the point of sale and everywhere in between.

They have helped many of the world’s leading brands – including Audi, Cisco, Google, and Philips – uncover new revenue opportunities and increase the demonstrable value of mobile through ongoing innovation and measurement.

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7). Beardedpony 

Bearded Pony has a resume that includes over 20 apps in all and top 20 appearances in the Social Networking, Utilities, Sports, Reference, Business, and Entertainment categories of the iTunes App Store.

8). ProAce 

They build software applications that help their clients meet their strategic and operational needs. Whether you are looking to build a Rich Internet Application to drive your marketing initiatives, or build a custom line of business application to streamline your internal operations, their talented team of professionals can get you there. Their domain expertise encompasses the entire software development cycle. From business requirements to user interface design, back-end engineering to deployment and post launch support and marketing.

9). ClickMetrics 

The Austin iPhone application designers of Click Metrics are dedicated to providing their clients with completely customized, unique apps that reflect who they are as a company. They will work with you from start to finish, ensuring that your application represents your organization and your message to customers. They can design, develop, and implement original applications for a broad range of industries.

10). VisibleContact 

Visible Contact is an Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile development studio based in Austin, Texas. Austin is a major technology center from which they have serviced an international client base of healthcare and humanitarian aid organizations. Currently, they produce their headline game title: Evil Sushi Squish in addition to other smart phone games and utility apps.

Their core goal is to help people to live healthier, fuller lives. They pursue this goal through the thoughtful development of their apps and through our work with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and non-profit humanitarian aid organizations.

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    You forgot about SnakeHead Software, one of the larger app developers in town!

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