Top 5 Intelligences Of The Brilliant Leader

"Top 5 Intelligences Of The Brilliant Leader"

Leadership is a space that offers a sense of Presence. This sense becomes a pillar for many to lean on and eventually to learn from. While leadership is often considered as a business-like quality, it is essential to be reminded that it is, before anything else, the mark of a tremendous sense of character and a true respectful attitude towards self and others and life in general. Leadership is the vital attribute of those who value the heart before the mind and embrace a greater sense of self before serving their own little self.

These are the caring leaders who have moved the world, made history for the best and let the entire consciousness find hope in humanity. As Cleveland Amory said it, “What the world needs is a new kind of army – the army of the kind. Our present time is calling for Life to embrace Love as a religion and kindness and compassion as paths to unfold it.

Here are the top 5 intelligence of leaders who do not only care for the well-being of a system but for the harmony of the beings that make it.

1 – Listening Intelligence

Leaders have ears before having words. They know patience before active decision and they have learned to be present without the need to show off. Listening Intelligence is the ability for the mind to be a recipient to the inner-voice as well as others so that the need is clearly understood and the action that is required to fill it is carefully aligned. These two are the results of a listening intelligence process in which silence isn’t a place without words but more so a space with an attention to details and an intention to support.

2 – Intuitive Intelligence

Leaders who only follow their mind end up falling short of visions. Intuitive intelligence is the gift of the visionary leaders who can perceive beyond the predictable and the comfort zones. Leaders whose let their minds open to the invisible yet the felt access a field of infinite possibility in which creativity dwells. This creative flow empowers the beholder with an enthusiasm that strengthens his/her journey with purpose and seals his/her path with meaning.

3 – Emotional Intelligence

Intellectual may serve mainstream education but it is emotional intelligence that serves humanity. Kindness isn’t found in the mind but in the heart. Emotions are carriers of feelings and feelings are how human beings relate to each other. Ultimately, the brilliant later is he/she whose heart is sensitive to his/her own emotions as well as the emotions of those around him/her. To connect with our own self is to feel who we are and to bridge with another is to offer a chance to be compassionate with feelings that aren’t our own. To lead with brilliance is to relate to fellow humans and create ways to expand their experiences. Emotions are vessels of expansion, stagnation or contraction. Giving a space for emotions to be is one of the essence of leadership.

4 – Intellectual Intelligence

When the heart is open, it unleashes a powerful flow of creative energy. This wave is pure dynamic momentum filled with onrushing spirit. Intelligence Intelligence is the ability to offer a structure for this flow to find direction. An artist is one whose flow is wild yet without a sturdy framework, this power will vanish in the formless only to be renewed, transformed and rearranged in another idea. Leadership holds the space for linear thinking so that plans, processes, strategy, systems, tactics, projects guide the flow into a purposeful matter.

5 – Universal Intelligence

Universal Intelligence is the power to relate to what is greater than what is seen, identified and labeled. It is a sense of connection to all that is and the conscious way of living in harmony with everything that constitutes the Universe, whether one relates directly to it or not. The Leader of the 21st century embodies the principles of unity, compassion to all beings and respect for all Life. It isn’t enough to lead, win and conquer. it is now essential to lead, love and embrace.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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