STRESS – 10 Simple Ideas for Dealing With It

"STRESS - 10 Simple Ideas for Dealing With It"

Are you stressed out?? Me too! OK, here are ten things you can do right now (not all at once, now) to help you feel better.


Have you forgotten how? Just close your eyes, inhale slowly through your nose, and then out through your mouth. Feel your shoulders go down? That’s right. Do it again… oh yes. It’s all coming back now. Repeat until those babies are no longer up around your ears.

{Drink some water} 

Go on, stop and drink a glass of water. You need it. Trust me. You’re drinking way too much coffee, and that soda is not doing you a lick of good. Drink some. Be grateful you have it. Many people in the world do not. Say a little prayer of thanks if you’re so inclined.

{Take a nice hot bath or shower}

Speaking of water… this is a luxurious thing. A little miracle, really. Every time I step under a strong, hot shower, I remind myself how lucky I am. Seriously.

{Take a walk}

How long have you been sitting at that computer. What is this the 4th? 5th? 10th blog you’ve read in the last hour? I mean I’m happy you’re here reading this, but you need to get your blood pumping. Working at home? Take a walk around the block. At an office? Do the same.
In a cubicle? Stand up and stretch, jog in place. MOVE YOUR BODY.

{Plan a reward}

OK, you are working on the most tedious, annoying task in the world. It’s driving you crazy. Will it ever be finished? Well, yeah. Eventually. Just like pregnancy. The baby can’t stay in there forever. And when it’s done, you are going to give yourself a nice treat. A piece of chocolate, the latest episode of 30 Rock, Top Chef (whatever), or 10 minutes looking at stupid videos on youtube. Whatever you like. Just finish the thing already. And then enjoy yourself.

{Get some perspective}

Whatever you are going through right now, chances are, someone has it worse than you. It’s true. Think about that. Get a grip. “Poor me” only lasts but so long. Take your mind off your own self for a second, and reach out to someone else who needs a kind word or some help. You will feel better, and you’ll be doing some good. Try it.

{Stop beating yourself up}

You are not as bad as you think. In fact, you are probably being harder on yourself than anyone else. Be kind to yourself. Especially if others are not. No need to compound difficult circumstances by turning on yourself. Just try being nice to yourself. See what happens.

{Reach out}

Commiserate with someone – a friend, a co-worker. Even a friendly stranger. A few words exchanged with someone at the post office or on the subway can go a long way to lifting your spirits. I’m not talking about complaining, now. I’m talking about sharing the burden with someone else who may understand. “Man, it’s hot, isn’t it? Looking forward to that rain tonight!” See where it leads you.

{Find the humor}

Ever get to the point where it seems so bad that it becomes absurd? I recently heard a stand-up comic do a routine about her mother dying and then going through a break-up just before being diagnosed with cancer. Believe it or not, it was FUNNY. Straight to the open heart, laughing with you, funny. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at it.

{Head about to explode? Clear it}

Yeah, just write it all down. Everything. The to-do list. The wish list. The complaints, the fears, the questions. Just get it out of your head. You can only do but one thing at a time (illusions of multi-tasking notwithstanding), so get the rest of that garbage out of your head before it drives you nuts.

Oh go on, just pick one thing. Do it. See what happens. You need a break from all this stress!

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  1. Thank You for this simple yet essential steps to cool off the mind and nurture the heart.. I love it! :-)

  2. BTW, the stand-up comic I referred to is Tig Notaro, and you can hear her talking about the routine, with info on how to get a copy in this interview with Conan O’Brien here:

  3. That last item, I do it about twice a year more like a Brain Reboot. Maybe doing it more regularly will help even more! Thanks.

    • Oh yeah, Patricia… that last one is probably one of the most important
      for me. I literally start to go nuts if I don’t get all that stuff out
      of my head. Plus, then I don’t have to worry that I’ll forget
      something… but make sure you have all your notes in one place. Otherwise, you have to worry about losing all those little pieces of paper! :)

  4. DebbyBruck says:

    Always useful to take a moment to apply any of these tips. Thank you. Debby

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