iPhone 5 Problems & iOS 6 Issues Rolling

"iPhone 5 Problems & iOS 6 Issues Rolling"

If we’re going to talk about a smartphone that can do it all, then the iPhone is still the top contender in the list. Not a lot of companies can say that they changed the way people see smartphones with a single phone—and that’s exactly what Apple did when they first revealed the iPhone. After that, competitors rushed to copy or at least take some inspiration from it and its capabilities. Smartphones have been trying to outdo each other ever since.

So it follows that such a standard-bearer must (by now) have gotten to have the idea down pat: a highly responsive phone (the iPhone has by far the most responsive touch screen in the market), crystal clear call quality (after the fiasco of the iPhone 4’s dropped calls, things seem to be fixed and calls are clear, even through VoIP connection – but it’s still wiser to have a quality provider like RingCentral to aid this), excellent performance and software flexibility (the Apple App store is the biggest catalogue of various mobile apps) and durability.

In the iPhone 5, however, there may be some problems.

The problems:

Screen – there have been multiple reports of the screen flickering like a florescent bulb for no reason, even though the phone was working more or less alright. Another point of note was that there was a strange bubble effect going on in some of the phones—when the screen is pressed, a distorted bubble appears elsewhere on the screen.

  • Scratches and dents – there have been numerous complaints and reports of damage when it comes to the iPhone’s casing. Even coming out of the box, there seemed to be some dents and scratches. This was because of the softness of the aluminum at the back of the iPhone, making it susceptible to dings and scratches, as opposed to the glass back of the iPhone 4.
  • Faulty camera – Of course we don’t often take photographs with a light source pointed directly at us. That’s the problem: whenever there is a bright light source out of view from the iPhone 5’s camera, it generates a purple haze.
  • The new maps – By far, this is one of the biggest complaints. With the new iOS came the new maps, which replaced the fully-functional Google Maps. A lot of people rely on the Maps feature to get around, and it helps that Google spent years fine-tuning the entire interface and adding as much as they could to the detail. Apple Maps, on the other hand, fails to recognize landmarks, pins down the wrong locations, have fewer details on streets, and are downright distorted on 3D render.
  • iOS 6 itself – You know it’s going bad when the iOS itself is causing customer satisfaction to drop. According to a recent survey by TechCrunch, consumers were less satisfied with their iOS6 devices than they were with the previous one. It’s the first time Apple’s seen this kind of drop.

So are the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 worth it?

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