How To Reinvent Yourself with Love Dust

"How To Reinvent Yourself with Love Dust"

Life may not always provide you with custom happy days but it always promises you empty moments ready to be filled with your wishes, dreams and desires. You have so much power over these moments that you tend to shy away from them by fear of not being worthy of them. You remain hidden in the darkness of their shadows, moving through the routine of your comfort before going back to bed, missing the spark in which you use to believe when you were a child. It seems as if the ease of your unhappiness has won over the thrill of the unknown.

This spark has never left you. Indeed, it has spent its moments knocking at your heart, asking you to wake up and ignite the creative genius you have always been. It has been veiled with thoughts of conformity and sentiments of unworthiness. It has fallen into the great illusion that you needed to behave a certain way to succeed, be recognized and find happiness. Silly isn’t it? To think that everything about you was born from Love and fail? Even more silly to know that you can change now with a simple choice and you still choosing fear over Love. You buy into self-judgment and judge others. You dream about your greatest life and accept the experience of your greatest nightmare. You wish upon a star and settle for material limitations.

All of this may appear fate and written in stone yet, each moment gives you a powerful way to transform fate into destiny and lack into fullness. Every moment of your life holds enough Love for you to create, metamorphose, alter and truly reinvent yourself the way your heart knows you.

“Little seed of guidance by the fairy”

The power is Love. Little 4-letter word with a great magical dust to transform your life with four essential ingredients

{Respect and Humility}

Reevaluate what you think about your own being. Hold onto what soothes your heart and soul. Seed new thoughts of self-worthiness about yourself knowing that everyone around you holds the same privilege, One of greatness. Remember that respecting yourself is allowing others to respect you and that showing humility is demonstrating leadership. Let your self-Love be the glow that lights your path and the lighthouse that guides others away from their own dark sea.

{Strength and Power}

Love for self becomes a channel for Life from Heaven down to Earth. It brings an essential formless power and transforms it into fathomable strength by anchoring it into density. Feelings vibrating high frequencies, ultimately create a reality mirroring them. Love brings a sense of knowingness about endless possibilities, invisible vulnerability as well as a powerful sense of acceptance. This leads to rooting the senses, the emotions, the thoughts and the deeds into the Truth. From this Truth, everything unfolds easily because nothing requires to be hidden, veiled or partially covered. You become You, essentially and you experience You, beautifully.

{Creativity and Uniqueness}

Love is a flow that nurtures Life and gives it its eternity. With Eternity comes endless creativity as Life must move from a form onto another, forever seeking for a greater version of the previous embodiment. Your very uniqueness is empowered with a rare value, one of preciosity through individuality. From there, you own a world of possibilities that belongs only to you and you owe the world to give back this tremendous gift by sharing it with the same love that offered it to you at the first place. When the Sacred becomes your path, when the Divine becomes your breath, then your granted Life becomes your way to give back and your choices become your blessings to do so.

{Compassion and Kindness}

Everything about you says Love. Your breath, to begin with, your consciousness, your aliveness, and your presence. Compassion and Kindness are what fills your physical experience and when you move from them, you become the true creator of the next true moment. You cannot create from what you are not. What you are, becomes what you can share. There is nothing more powerful to create than Love. Know yourself as love and you’ll create your life as so. Compassion and Kindness are your tools to bridge, build, construct, do, undo, seal and make your life the way your dream let you perceive it.

Be curious about the creative process. Be daring in challenging the dogmas. Be foolish enough to believe in your dream yet be wise enough to give accept your challenges. Believe in yourself more than anyone else does. Entrust everyone you meet as a potential master to unfold your Truth. Embrace Life with the sweetest thoughts and value Love as your greatest ally. Be willing to move your boundaries beyond what your mind knowns. Be determined to pour Love in every situation especially when Love cannot be felt at first. Be You, because, at the end of the day, “You” is the only truth by which you’ll ever had to stand.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. DebbyBruck says:

    Dear Aline ~ I enjoy reading your thoughtful inspirations. However, I’m so sorry to say that all the moving activity and flashy stuff all around the page distracts my attention to keep my eyes on your lovely writings. What’s a reader to do? Blessings, Debby

    • Hi Debby! Thank you for your kind words about the writing! it is always such an honor to find like-minded people with whom to share thoughts! AS I read your feelings about the distraction from the surrounding ads, It reminded me of a similar thought I add a few years ago. I interrogated myself about what my awareness was trying to invite me to realize. As I let my meditative state take over, it became amazingly clear, to me, that it was an fantastic focus exercise. I needed to train myself to disregard what wasn’t essential and remain focused on what was… Somehow, it allowed me to find again the joy in reading great articles without my attention being taken away by the non-essential. Maybe this will help you ease your reading and maybe too, like me, sharpen your focus.. With all my Love. Aline :-)

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