5 Secrets To Reset A Relationship To Love

"5 Secrets To Reset A Relationship To Love"

People meet, they fall in love and, as the story says, they live happily ever after. It may work for Cinderella and Snow White but in most of the cases, reality strikes and the falling in Love become the falling out of it. The truth is that it is meant to be this way, by design. When one plus one become two, they become something new and this new must now fall in Love again and again.

Falling in Love may be the first step to a relationship but this isn’t the most challenging. To be and remain is the most daring and overwhelming part of the journey. While everyone is unique and every relationship is therefore incomparable to another, there are a few basic fundamentals to hold onto so that when the path between falling out and falling back in Love comes, we can be reminded of the essentials of togetherness.

Here are 5 secrets to reset a relationship to a Love that means self-respect, unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, connection and curiosity.

1 – Self-Respect

A relationship that need to be reset must begin where everything about your life begin: YOU. Love is always present yet it seeks an anchor from where it can pull even more of its goodness. This anchor is nothing more, yet nothing less than your own self knowing the value of your inner-genius.

Far from being a call for egocentricity and narcissism, this is the most essential of all essentials of Love. Dive into yourself and dwell on the beauty you are from your soul. Fall back in Love with the Truth that inhabits your being and let it be what you are willing to share with another.

2 – Unconditional Acceptance

As self-respect sinks, one day at a time, it invites ego to accept the being as a whole. Whether it is self or another, acceptance is essential for Love to be experienced again like two lovers who have just met and can filter the “least” only to reveal the “greatest”. This is an exercise of compassion and ultimate kindness.

It is the space where projection and mirroring are tests. Love sees beyond the “faults”, the mistakes, “the “wrong” and especially the “misunderstood”. Learn to accept the self and the others in wholeness. Human beings are highly simple yet highly complex beings and somehow, we, cannot expect everyone to be perfect as we, ourselves, know we are not. Open to differences, embrace opposites, believe in unity.

3 – Forgiveness

Moments that require intense reset are moments that demand a deep sense of forgiveness. Letting go of what matters not and holding onto what is deeply, truly, beautifully essential in a relationship is the primary focus of a reset period.

When reevaluating your relationship, take a moment to reflect on the truth that created it and the perceptions that led to let it crumble. Separate the inessential from elemental. It takes, sometimes, a new pairs of eye to see again what we have forgotten.

4 – Connection

Beyond the appearance of silly disagreements or boring routines that do not reflect Love or Life itself, lies a sense of connection. This link is sacred. It ties soul to other souls and strengthens life through an invisible web.

This web becomes the foundation on which Love anchors, expands and shines. Take the time to reset your connection to yourself through your Truth and connect with the ones you love on the same level. Let it be more than stories but legends of friendship.

5 – Curiosity

It comes at the fifth element in this list yet it is a true essential one to reset Love as the original source. To reset Love is to shift the mind into new ways of perceptions within the same place. Curiosity is the driven engine behind the quest for a renewed Love and the only fuel that ensures its lasting.

Keep it fresh, keep it simple. Keep it alive. Infuse your child-like spirit within your relationship. She fears nothing, she dares the unknown and she always discovers new way to be, to play and to experience. Love needs room to move in and curiosity expands the space for it.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Well said. I see love as a choice. We choose love. Sometimes people confuse the warm fuzzies as love. The warm fuzzies can be part of love but they don’t always have to be there. You’re not always going to be thrilled with the person you love but you can always choose to love them anyway.

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